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Name of the file: Personal Study Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Personal Study

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
-=Tips for Regel=-
* He is extremely item dependent as his traits are kind of bad unless
you stack an insane amount of crit related items.
* When I won as him for leader (even on difficult) i just used other
characters as the primary dps and kind of just used him a rest bot
and occasional enemy finisher.
* Maybe something you can try is run some stun based items? Stuns
guaranty crits and crits is his only way to lead to spamming attacks.
* Also here is some decent starting active skills combinations for Regel:
- Start with Knife mark -> Later get Precision (use knife mark to apply
flaw, end enemies with precision).
- Start with Killing blow -> latter get Cloaked (when you want to do a
massive amount of damage at once, first activate cloaked for its damage
and crit boost then use Killing blow).

-=Shield puzzle tips=-
* You have to stop the machine that powers the shield. After closing the
valves, all that remains is to stop the gears.
* Check the upstairs, look for a long object that could jam the gears.
* If you can’t find valves you need to open a secret path to the basement
under the dome. You have to look through the narrow hallways and pull a
* Note: If you leave the character still for 5 seconds, objects that can be
interacted will be highlighted.

-=Disk puzzle short tip=-
* Star at the top, sun at the left, moon at the right, tree underneath the
sun and skull in the remaining space.

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