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Name of the file: No Rest for the Wicked Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

No Rest for the Wicked

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Deal with First Boss:
He was difficult. But he can pretty much be murderized by getting parrying down.
Parry, then a couple of focus attacks. Rinse and repeat with the occasional dodge.
Parry is the key though.

-=In detail=-
* If you feel you need to level up more the only way is to go into a fresh realm
with your character.
* I think enemies only respawn once you beat the first boss and enter the city.
* From my experience with the first boss i can only recommend what i’ve done. I
beat him in meele and did not use parry.

* I ran into him and for the first 1-2 minutes simply watched his attack patterns.
not attacking myself just watching and learning the dodge timings with my equip
* You also don’t need to farm consumables for this if you die just run back and
* If broken gear is an issue do this naked. I know may sound counter intuitive
but that way you can learn and don’t have to worry about cost.
* Once you feel comfortable start to put in attacks in downtimes between his attacks.
* Start with single hits don’t get greedy.
* Get comfortable with attacking and you can start to do combos of 2-3 hits.
* There is a way to ‘cheese’ this fight. If you still have some money you can buy a
bunch of bombs from the vendor(6-7 should do it, 10 to be safe in-case you miss),
some cooked food and just use the bombs to bring down the boss whilst using your
stamina to avoid his attacks.

-=Bonus tip=-
* Make sure to buy any food recipes you can from the smith. Better heals = easier
* Doesn’t hurt to pop a stamina potion while fighting the boss. It’s less about
immediate damage, and much more just watching the boss do his combo.. then getting
a few hits in. Then just repeating that loop until they’re done. Folks are too
eager to keep attacking the first boss rather than having a little patience.

Tips and Tricks:
-=Gathering spots=-
All the gathering spots (plants, trees, ore, fish, digs) can be expended but refresh.
As far as I can tell gathering nodes refresh happen whenever you log back in and out
in town or there are significant in game events that “reset” things – like when you
rest, some or all nodes seem to refresh when you revisit a site as part of a bounty,
and it’s possible that they also refresh when you’ve spend enough time away from them
(haven’t been able to confirm this one).

-=How to find the fish=-
You’ll see little schools of fish swimming and jumping out of the water. The game will
prompt you when you’re properly lined up on shore and have a fishing rod.

-=Quick swap tools=-
You should have enough slots on your character sheet to simultaneously equip all the
tools you can use thus far in the game. The only reason to swap one tool for another
at this point is to avoid having to go back to the blacksmith and get a heavily-used
one repaired.

-=Fast Travel=-
Just a quick tip. Found out that aiming and clicking the left stick while looking at
the map lets you fast travel almost anywhere. Discovered this in the first major hub
town trying to reach a quest objective. I fast traveled straight from Town to Mariners
Keep almost instantly. Not sure if it’s unlocked by reaching the first hub town, but
it’s there.

-=32:9 5120×1440 playable=-
While in game. Open up your monitor settings. Go to Menu – scroll down to PIP/PBP.
Enable it. Once your monitor has refreshed disable PIP/PBP. You can now enjoy the
game in 5120×1440.

-=How to farm for exp / loot / mats=-
Realms are your friend:

* Quit game (your main realm) to main menu.
* From there create a new realm ( lets call it Farm 1 or whatever).
* Start a new game in that realm, but with your already equipted, and leveled char.
* Farm a few levels, mats, gold…
* Return to your main realm, and progress your story/ city.

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