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Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Surrendering in Game:
Written by Tomura Shigaraki

So right now almost every single game ends in a surrender and I get it you
got killed once or twice and your down a bit of CS. Keep in mind though if
you learn the value of the minions in gold and the value of kills and assists,
You can actually kind of quick estimate how much gold each player has gained
and how far you are ahead or behind.

So in general MOBA you never take a 1v1 fight against a person who is ahead
in level, You never take a fight against a person who is 1k+ gold ahead on
items and your game isn’t really doomed for a loss unless the gold swing is
about 8k+ which isn’t going to happen in your games much unless you get a
dude like me in there lol

So in MOBA games when you die so many times in-game you stop actually being
worth any gold and you are behind, The thing to do here is actually just
farm your CS safely and you have to wait for a group fight also known as a
team fight. A team fight is your chance to try and sway the odds in your
teams favour and maybe you pick up a kill that helps you get back into the

Right now I see people surrendering after only 1 death lol that’s not enough
gold to justify giving up. I had a match where my team was down 12k Gold and
we still won because it was like 40+ minutes and the enemy team did Orb prime
and I wiped them with one ult.

There are many ways to win a MOBA getting kills isn’t the only way. Many times
pro gamers actually go like 0/2 lol and will still win because there like 100
CS up. CS is worth more than a kill if you get a head, The exp is also the most
important value in a MOBA game because in code most often damage and resistances
are also including with [current player level] so being up in level also improves
your damage against people.

When you attack minions that aren’t red health this will actually push your lane
towards the enemy turret, It means if it freezes outside of turret range you
have to walk further away from your own turret to farm making you easier to gank
from the jungle that’s called wave freezing in a bad spot.

Freezing is a term used where one side has frozen the minion wave closer to his
own turret and as long as your side of minions always has 1 more minion than theirs
then it will never push back towards your turret unless you push the wave to under
their turret or you kill them. Freezing most often has to be done by using Hp tho
to tank the wave, It’s a bit harder to do in this game because of how the minion
aggro works but it can still be done and make you really vulnerable so watch out
for that and push it in ASAP and back off after pushing it in under turret the
minion wave will always then start pushing towards you.

These are just some basic principles of MOBA games but they are actually very
important because a good player will always take advantage of it. I never do unless
it’s ranked cause for me it’s just practice but not every player is the same.

Another thing to always remember though, Your teammates are people too and we all
make mistakes or miss click lol some people need to warm up before they become
good in a match, That’s different for each player but I’ve played against some of
the best players in the world in my time and some of those people are world
champions and some of them don’t even really become good in a match until after
10+ minutes cause they need to warm up.

Defending the base, When you guys are down to just your inhibitors and the enemy
team still has towers, Unfortunately you have to accept the fact that you are no
longer allowed to leave your base or travel through the jungle unless your going
as literally 5 because everything on your side of the jungle will be warded. You
defend your base until you force the enemy team to fight you, If you win the team
fight that’s your chance to then go into the map again and take everything from
the jungle or push towers, That’s the reward you get for defending your base on
the back foot.

There is a thing in MOBA games called control or priority so it’s a term given to
a state of the lane or the state of the jungle to determine “who is allowed to
move” for example, If your top lane ally has the wave pushed into enemy turret
and your bot lane ally has the lane pushed into turret, That means your jungler
is allowed to take any buff he wants and you should also be watching your jungler
too at this point because if he gets attacked by the enemy jungler you should
rotate and help, What this does is it forces the opponents to make a decision
they can either come help their jungler which means they will lose the minions
under turret thus putting themselves a tiny bit behind to help or they will farm
the wave and nobody will show up to help him, Making it an easy kill or an easy
Fangtooth take. If the opposite happened though, Your jungler needs to recognise
himself that he probably won’t be getting help if he fights so he shouldn’t be
committing to a fight at all.

If you find yourself with nothing to do in lane because the wave is at their
turret well this is the time you use to recall and buy your items since you won’t
lose any minions or take a stroll and rotate to mid to gank them or ward important
areas of the jungle.

Here are some important areas of the jungle I’ve found so you can learn yourself
how best it is too ward, I used to do support for a pro team on League Of Legends
so I’d take my advice on warding lol

Most people currently are warding just behind the purple walls in jungle these
are probably the worst places to ward in general for a very specific reason, If
the junglers that close to you before you seen it your probably dead anyway lol,
Most jungle characters are known as “Gankers” so a gank is when somebody who isn’t
supposed to be in your lane comes from behind you in your lane to try and get
gold from you by killing your champion that’s called a gank, You need to see this
coming from further away because most junglers are given the tools to close long
gaps or to stun people or go invisible so they can actually effectively gank

Instead try warding a jungle camp you know he will do, Try warding the narrow
step hallways he has to take in order to get to your lane from his own jungle,
Ward his buffs because he’;s probably going to take a buff before coming for you
lol and when you hear the noise of a ping, Look at your map and see if you see
him, This gives you vital information of what direction he will be walking in
and where he currently is, Probably one of the most important information in the
game for an entire team is knowing where the enemy jungler is at all times
because if the jungler is bot lane for example then that makes it easier for
Off-lane to then start a fight because he knows the enemy jungler won’t be
there and vice versa.

The only time you want to ward behind that purple wall is if there is a fight
happening between that wall and into the lane from the jungle so if both teams
are fighting each other from that point of view then obviously you will need
to ward it cause seeing them is important.

This is definitely my last post but if you take these few basic things into
account and play the game a lot slower and be less kill hungry depending on
your role and champ btw then you will learn a lot more about MOBA games and
you will be able to stand up to good players and become a good player yourself.

Tips and Tricks for Newbies:
Written by One Pound Chikin

Don’t always just default to killing minions in lane, fight for neutral
objectives (fangtooth, orb prime, jng camps), and play as a team.

More in depth for actual team fighting which is what I think the majority of
players rn struggle with are:

* Learn the positioning of your role. If you are a tanky front liner, dont be scared
sitting behind Gideon and Sparrow. Go out and protect them, bait engagements, go
in yourself, or ANYTHING else but just standing around in the back. Same goes vice
versa for my squishy friends.
* Goes along with #1 in looking at the map and knowing where your teammates are. Yes
there is a lot going on, but nothing makes me more sad than dying to a team fight
we could have won if my team 10 ft away from me just even walked towards the fight.
Position yourself, and understand where you and your teammates are at all times.
* Good positioning is everything in MOBAs

-=Bonus Tip=-
Try and hit lvl 2 faster than your opponent in lane at the start of the match and go
for a heavy trade before they can hit lvl 2. Most laners aren’t ready for the
aggression and most heroes can out trade down the early level. If you are able to
hit lvl 2 fast enough and push them off their wave delaying their lvl 2 you will
have a great laning phase.

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