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Name of the file: The Lost Village Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

The Lost Village

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Divine Beast and Taoist Points:
-=Divine Beast=-
* You cannot change your divine beast as it is bound to the location.
* Can answer for cultivating your beast, dunno if you can switch.
* You need items called fruits (not the ones you can grow) and then use
the “Nurture” command to feed them to it. Once it reaches the 10th
stage of a realm, you use the “Evolve” command to breakthrough to a
new layer.
* You can feed your divine beast using peaches or guzheng or similar
foodstuff, that can be found in Faith store.
* Once your divine beast reaches Stage X and has filled XP bar, you
manually click on the “Evolve” button next to the XP bar

-=Taoist Points=-
* As for getting more points to choose the kitsune/dragon at the start,
earn the Taoist point achievements in a playthrough (located at the
top right of the ingame screen) and those carry over to new games.
* Start by doing Trial/Illusion and Dungeon X times as these are the
easiest to go for.
* You can also save your game progress, boost random 5 females to maximum
relation with you and set each as parter for another free Taoist points
– After which you can load back your game or start over or whatever.

Skill Work Explained + How to Pair Them with Weapons Guide:
Purple and Gold Body Types give you a special passives when you breakthrough
to the Foundation, Condensed, and Tribulation or Nascent level. At least one
of these passives will be specific to the weapon associated to that Body Type.
Dragon = Spear, and I believe the passive received at Foundation is +12% CRT.

Blue, Purple and Gold body type (I’d prefer to call that “constitution”) will
have a chance to gain special passive ability (again I prefer to call them
“perks”) when breakthrough. which grant you special passive ability that
enhance specific weapon. You can see them at lower right corner in detailed
character information screen.

But, if your character hasn’t been granted any weapon specified perk then you
don’t need to worry about what weapon your character should use – none of them
get any bonus anyway.

And sometimes you might acquire some godly weapon (very powerful skill on
weapon) then you can consider ignore the weapon enhance bonus perk your
character has. An extra skill somehow more powerful than bonus.

For skills, go to collection in the town screen and there on the left is
the “Archive” button. This will display the 3 skills you get from the book.

Every disciple has a way they need to be focused to be truly effective in
battle based on both their base stats, since not everyone starts with the
same ones, and the Traits that they have when recruited.

Body type that gives HP on breakthrough with traits enhancing HP/DEF/CRR/DODG.
Turn them into a Tank. A skill setup that is decent is: Bloody (Toxic Cloud)
Semi-Devil (Toxic Cloud, Ruthless Sword (Ruthless Sword), Qisha Stare (Blade
Flurry), Peace-Sword (Iron Armor), Dust Sword (Iron Armor)

Note: All gear effects apply during combat, so during bosses/sect war/dungeon/
bloody land/tower.

-=How to know which skillbook gives what skills?=-
Press “L” and it brings up a screen that shows all SKill Books that have been
found/arrived on a disciple and also lets you look at formations. It lists the
books and the three skills that you get when learning that book, the static
stat bonus, the bonus granted in the tile laying illusion realm, and the bonus
passive ability they grant.

In an effort to optimize my playstyle and spend less time dealing with the non-
combat focused disciples, I added a modifier to the start of their name e.g.
Yaun Xia => *Yaun Xia. I keep Notepad open and tally them up there as they are
recruited and fit one of my teams. I take in recruits as a stopgap, but happily
expel them when someone else comes along that properly fills that role.

This is the breakdown that I settled on as it fit what I needed. adjust this
however you need!

* Top 9 – 9 disciples = These are the 9 disciples you use the most for combat;
no more than 2 that fill the same role
* Combat – 27 disciples = These fill out the rest of your combat roster for
things boss battles and sect wars
* Slacker/Immortal/Smart – 22 disciples = These decrease the Mental/Stamina/
Both consumption of the disciples they are assigned to jobs like the crafting
tower and the aura bottle, as they don’t actually produce anything,
* Crystal I-VI – 20 disciples = These are your dedicated Crystal workers.
* Hardwork/Recyler/Butcher – 42 disciples = These Traits increase the base
production of the disciple.

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