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Name of the file: My Summer Car Save Game - Author: SAM

Satsuma stock, as from the menu

This is an ideal option for those who want to start the game from scratch, but without wasting time collecting and repairing Satsuma. After all, in this preservation the iconic car is already fully assembled, tested using MSCEditor and ready to conquer the roads.

There will be 3,000 marks in your account - a small amount, which will be enough for the basic necessities for the first time. In the refrigerator you will find some food so as not to starve, but you will have to replenish the supplies yourself. The game's storyline is not affected, so you can play through it from the very beginning.

A nice bonus is that Satsuma is already registered and has license plates. And under its hood lies a racing flywheel, which will add agility to the car. At the time of saving, my uncle had not yet lost his license, and the minibus is not yet in the garage.

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