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Name of the file: Archaelund Cheat Codes - Author: DAV


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
* When coming down from the Horn make sure to check all paths and crevices,
you may find a very nice weapon.

* Upon character creation, pay attention to how may “AP” you have. (Most one
handed require 4 to swing once, and 5 for two handed.) If you want to swing
twice on each turn, you’d need 8 and 10 AP. (Daggers require 3 AP.) Keep in
mind all weapons have different STR and DEX requirements to wield as well.

* Bows seem to only have dexterity requirements. But talents have requirements
too so you should check the guide or as you level up check the available talents
cross to show the unavailable ones too.

* You can raise only 2 traits right now so if you make a mistake you have to
use notepad or something to edit the save.

* Camp sites close to Port Gaben

* There are a few near death valley, you can rest at the outpost and if you
defeat bandits then you can rest at their camp too.

* There is a spot by the sea, north from the outpost I believe. Dangers
nearby, but nothing difficult. Right outside the entrance to the cave, forget
its name. Nessex I think. One in Death Valley, just enter and head left,
staying close to the mountains, can’t miss it. Another two in the Horn, one
outside by the Starting Beach and another on the (2nd?) floor, then again once
you leave and head away from the Horn. One more in the Red Axe camp past the
outpost and the bandit ambush, right by the shore-front. I think that’s all
right now, but there are very many and conveniently placed.

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