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Name of the file: Svarog's Dream Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Svarog's Dream

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
The loading screen can sometimes be quick, so we decided to share all
the game loading screen tips in one place.

* Dogs will appreciate a bone being thrown to them.
* Petting a wild animal may cause it to start following you.
* Increase your weapon mastery up to level 15 by attacking target dummies
in the world.
* Monsters are typically stronger during the night, so it’s best to find a
bed and sleep through it.
* Press caps lock to hide your weapon to move faster.
* One way to gain more dark side experience is through gambling.
* You move faster by walking on roads and slower by going through water.
* There are ways to buy and upgrade your house. Have you figured one out yet?
* If an enemy is too strong for you, check the Almanac for their weaknesses.
* You can sprint by either holding the shift key or by holding both the left
and right mouse buttons at the same time.
* Increase your strength by walking under heavy load or doing melee attacks.
* Increase your dexterity by using the bow and Warrior/Hunter class abilities.
* Increase your intelligence by using spellbooks, druid abilities, or reading
new books.
* Increase your endurance by taking damage or simply walking a lot around the world.
* Increase your bravery by fighting stronger enemies.
* Increase your alchemy skill by cooking, crafting potions, or collecting ingredients.
* Not being hungry allows you to regenerate health out of combat.
* High morale increases your crowd control resistance and mana regeneration speed.
* Your player character will have lower morale during the night.
* Experiment with ingredients to discover new alchemy and cooking recipes.
* Doing evil things decreases the cooldowns of dark spells, the same goes for good
things and light spells.
* You can disable quick cast abilities in the in-game settings.
* You can enable the Dark UI in the game settings.
* Sell trophies to trophy buyers for higher prices.
* Talk to tavern owners to learn about side quests in the area.
* Traders will restock their items every 24 hours.
* If you store items in any world chest, you can expect them to be there the next
time you load the game.
* Reading notes around the world increases your character’s intelligence.
* In conversations, sometimes there are hidden options that will give you items or
* With a new character, you can change the class or keep everything the same.
* If you die to someone, the next time you fight them, you get a +10% revenge
critical chance.
* Want to save money after death? Store it in the castle treasury.
* In addition to CC resistance, high morale will also make you more resistant to
stagger from auto-attacks.
* Keep in mind that enemies, like you, can have increased CC resistance.
* Every point of intelligence will buff the damage of Druid abilities.
* Strength and dexterity will buff the damage of Fighter and Hunter abilities.
* When hungry, the character will automatically consume food from the first slot
in the inventory.
* Press X to quickly swap between different weapon sets.
* Press A on the keyboard to perform a move-attack.
* Food is used for out-of-combat regeneration and for fast travel.
* There are many ways to see better at night, such as using a torch or potions,
or simply sleeping it off.
* Do you have a full inventory? Consider using bags or storing items in one of
the world’s chests.
* Press ‘V’ on the keyboard and right-click to scout your surroundings, up to 150m
in distance.
* Press ‘C’ on the keyboard and right-click on a wild animal to pet it.
* If you come across purple light during the night, start chasing it.
* Completing side quests in a timely manner can have long-term consequences.
* If you commit a crime in a village, the villagers may send bounty hunters to
capture you.
* Fleeing a village after a crime, villagers may forget you in about five days.
* Stealing at night makes it harder for soldiers to catch you.
* God’s favors can be traded at various shrines across the map for talents, buffs,
or items.
* You can sprint while swimming, and swimming often will make you a better swimmer.
* Hold the left Shift key while dragging an item stack to separate it.
* Besides sorting on E, you can swiftly use potions from various slots by holding
W and pressing 1-4.

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