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Name of the file: Suika Shapes Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Suika Shapes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the Big Points:
Written by Zanthous|SuikaShapes

* Have a side where you build up small stuff, and a side where you
build up big stuff.
* Try to never leave the small shapes alone, always try to delay dropping
shapes elsewhere so you can evolve the small shapes.
* If small shapes become inaccessible, take a step back and think of how
you can merge bigger shapes to free them up in the future.
* For modes other than circles, shapes keep their rotation when merging,
so you can abuse this. One good trick you can learn from triangles mode
is that you can drop a shape below commonly by merging triangles in certain
* For flat shapes like rectangles, always keep them flat when possible, you
want as much vertical space for chain-merging as possible.
* Always try to pull up smaller shapes stuck beneath if you can create a plan
to do so.
* Always think of the optimal position you want to get a shape in when it
becomes a watermelon/suika. For example, the stairs shape you want exactly
in the corner. At least by the time it gets to a watermelon, you need there
to not be any shapes between its back-side and the wall, and then you can
push it over by merging shapes on its front-side.
* New shapes spawn exactly inbetween the two merging shapes, so always be
thinking about whether you want it to spawn a little to the left vs a
little to the right.

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