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Name of the file: My Summer Car Save Game - Author: TEI

drag Satsuma 200km/h
The car easily picks up 200 km/h, it picks up this speed quite quickly. The car is completely ready for drag racing. The CD is already inserted into the radio. The engine is equipped with the most powerful carb and nitro. I warn you, the engine tuning is the most merciless, if you want the engine to last for a long time, change the settings. The character has 500k marks in his hands. The vinyl will be in the save folder.

Saving setup:

Press the key combination Win+R
Enter in the field: AppData and press Enter
Go to the LocalLow folder and then Amistech.
The contents of the Archive are transferred to this folder.

Vinyl installation:

transfer the contents of the "vinyl" folder to the "images" folder, which is located along the path: C:/My Summer Car/Images, or simply in the root folder of the game

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