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Name of the file: LunarLux Cheat Codes - Author: DAV


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Number Trader EXE Codes:
Written by Conan The Librarian

In Lunarlux, you’ve probably noticed how there’s a code machine called
the Number Trader EXE. From playing the game, talking to NPCs, and
generally spamming the A-button, the game tells you 6 digit codes.
You can use these codes to get cool bonuses.

-=Spoiler Alert!=-
Do not read this guide if you want to find all these codes yourself! The
main purpose of this guide is to have the codes in a convenient place so
those who want to look them up CAN. Similarly, it seems that some codes
are also a little “meta” and may not necessarily be mentioned in-game.

Here are all the codes that I’m aware of and what they do.

Code Effect
143143 - 100 skillpoints
439625 - Soulsaver
092523 - 10,000 Bytes, 200 Astrotech, and 200 Skillpoints
(Note, this is a meta-code which is the game’s release date)
501996 - Mini HP Booster +10 HP
258227 - 100 Astrotech
323881 - 1000 Bytes
917624 - Soulsaver
102198 - NexusBoy (It’s been recommended to me to still “buy this password
in-game, since it’s required to unlock another thing”)
032320 - 100 skill points
824913 - Soulsaver

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