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Name of the file: Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Best Build for Way of the Lazy Bear:
The stamina consumption on block/dodge skills are crucial. Desperado
has a stamina build IIRC, so you want the anti-block skills with him.
You might be tempted to use smasher since it’s the anti-block style,
but due the low amount of passives slots on that style I would go
with berserker instead, if you have it. I like to focus on either
making the opponent fail their blocks or dealing damage through the
blocks, but not both.

The defensive skill that increases your opponent’s initiative cost
higher is better if your opponent uses a lot of single initiative
point skills, while the damage reflection skills get better when your
opponent has lower health. With regards to attacks, it’s usually
better to use lower cost stuff like jab unless you’re up against
another bear user.

Bear builds want more stamina than agility: Bear skills are efficient
with initiative, not stamina. You might still run out of stamina and
need to leave attack slots empty. It can be worthwhile to dip into
the turtle tree for the stamina recovery skill since bear doesn’t get

If you have the gpp for it, you can even take stat boosters at 25
strength, grab the late game skills you want from further up the tree,
and then switch focus to stamina and agility., since strength builds
benefit less from their main stat than the other two paths.

Decision Matter Stuff in the Game:
There are the “old school” and the “police” routes. Both can be done
for a while simultaneously, but it is not required. Eventually you
will have to pick one.

It is strange that you are already far into the second league without
them being triggered already, maybe you just forgot to progress them?

For the police route you’ll need to get 1000 GPP first. Then go to the
station and talk to the sergeant. He will introduce you to learning
the law on the computer on the left side. With 2000 GPP you can then
actually start your career as a cop.

The old school route is introduced by Casey who lives in the sewers. I
can’t remember exactly how and when, but he will give you an old chip
with Micks memory/consciousness, repair that chip if you still have it
in the inventory. Micks old place will open up for renovation, so if
you can access that place – between the police station and the
nightclub – you already did that. There are tools in the center of the
room which allow you to renovate the place. Once it is back to its former
glory the route starts.

What to Do with No Food and No Money:
Then you become a bum and live on the streets, digging through the
garbage to find something to eat only to die in the winter if you can’t
find shelter.

Your mom, bosses and your best (and only) friend can give you free food
if you have no money and are hungry. Limited uses in each case.

Note: If you have enough money to buy food the free food option might
not pop up. When you’re completely out of money and are hungry then the
option should be available.

Guide to to Beat the Game in Under 1 Minute:
* Start new game.
* Do push ups, go to dispenser.
* Have a conversation with your mom about the broken dispenser, which
she tells you to go to Henry’s.
* Let her finish talking, you will know because she stops chatting away.
* At this point open your map like your about to go to Henry’s and close
the map and stay home instead.
* Your mom starts chatting again.
* After the dialog you will have a choice.
* Tell her sorry you have to go to Henry’s = the game continues.
* Give her a hug = game over.

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