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Name of the file: Lobotomy Corporation Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Lobotomy Corporation

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Purple Noon:
That’s one of the most infamous combo of Lob Corp. The destroyer
of new managers.

That’s tough luck, I would recommend retrying the day until you get a
different noon, or finish the day before reaching that point. If you do
Geburah’s mission, you’ll be able to unlock the execution bullet.

That being said if you must deal with a purple noon, the best way to do
it is to kill all your clerks (the little dudes) before the start of the
purple noon. (and obviously to make sure your employees are safe in either
in an elevator or in a corridor).

So if there’s a weak abnormality you’re confident you can kill (like
ppodae or scarecrow for exemple), you can release it on purpose, let it
kill some clerks, and then supress it once it killed enough clerks. (then
repeat until you’ve cleared most of your clerks).

But beware, if you kill your employees that way (or some other way), the
army in black qlipoth’s will go down. You can increase it back by supressing
an abnormality.

Later on you’ll want to be strong enough to be able to handle army in black
and kill it despite purple noon.

Depending on what abnormality you have, you could also chose to ignore army
in black, and only kill one in your most dangerous departement. But you’ll
have to deal with the aftermath instead, so it’s only viable if your dudes
are strong enough to handle several abnormalities at the same time.

Below is potential spoiler for mid game content do not check if you want to
know nothing about the game and discover the game by yourself (but you probably
shouldn’t be looking at this then).

execution bullets allows you to kill the clerks without triggering army in
black or big bird.

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