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Name of the file: Rolling Line Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Rolling Line

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Making a Good Layout:
Personally the main key is good colors, try and have a unique color theme
(use the custom color generator). Or better yet use a real-world photo as a
poster, then copy colors directly off that.

You can press Enter when pointing at a poster to copy the color on the image
that you are pointing at. It’s excellent for making a realistic color pallete.

In terms of map making, clutter does wonders for making maps feel more
professional. have lots of scrap piles, bins, plants, rocks, bushes, etc in
your map. I personally love making a scrap metal storage yard.

Use lots of variety in props, try to avoid making lots of the same building/
same exact type and color or tree.

The prop spray gun is your friend, I think. I personally like to start (and
this is good for more rural, nature filled layouts), after placing down my
tables, to find a nice base natural color, usually a vibrant, bright grassy
green, color the tables that, then load up the prop spray gun with tons of
mixed foliage, filling the whole custom table with that, and basically carve
out the space for building and things by removing bits of the foliage and
placing things in their place.

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