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Name of the file: OTXO Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

(pronounced oh-cho)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to the Inbred Basilisk Boss (First Boss):
Written by ColeDoodler

-=When You Fight It=-
The Inbred Basilisk is always the first boss you fight in the game. After
a few floors you will enter a ready up area where you can choose a weapon
and a character with a red head shows up. The guy tells you to kill
yourself, or he says something like “I’m surprised you made it this far”.
I’m not sure of his importance. I will need to add more details once I get
back to the boss again and fight it because I forgot it’s name.

-=Boss Attacks and Details=-
Anyways, the actual boss is a long metal serpent or snake with a flesh head.

It has a few different attacks:

* The first attack is where it spins around the middle of the level slowly
(octagon in the middle), curled up.
* It has another attack where it will start to move around and shoot bullets
out of its body indicated by red lines.
* The boss has an attack where it will shoot out rockets from its head.
* The boss has an attack where it places mines on its path.
* Around the middle of the boss’s health bar, the boss will speed up,
indicated by smoke.
* The snake has an attack where it has mini-guns attached to its head and
shoots while moving around.
* The boss also has an attack where it will shoot out bullets spinning fast
around the middle.
* The chain links of the boss or the body will damage the player if they
touch them.

The boss is pretty easy and as long as you make sure to use your dodge and
focus you should be good.

* The weapons I recommend are any LMG, SMG, or shotgun. I prefer either an
LMG or SMG for the fight. I think SMG is better for it.
* You should aim for the head because it does more damage than shooting the
* I would use focus when the boss is moving around and then aim for its head
to do the most damage.

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