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Name of the file: Prodigal Cheat Codes - Author: DAV


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner Tips (Before You Started):
Written by Soda

Basic things good to know Absolute gem of a game this is. But it do not
hold your hand, and expects your to explore and experiment. If this is
you, you can turn around now. For you who don’t want to scramble around
at the basics. Welcome!

-=The basic mechanics=-
* Your pickaxe have a spin attack if you charge your attack.
This does 2x Damage.
* Dread Hand will always bring you back to the beginning of the room from
where you entered.
* The fist will always do as much damage as a regular pickaxe hit.
* Buttons will always only affect the room they reside in.
* The bombs in Dry Fountain will start exploding on the 4th hit, or if they
bump into a wall.
* The bomb explosion do not hurt you.
* Buffs from Keaton or Oakley lasts until you die.
* Strength Potion means +1 damage.
* You can increase your movement speed by the HAM from Keaton, or by doing
the “One Small Favor” side quest, given by Tara in Crocasino.
This is highly recommended
* There is a way to get Gravedigger and Oakley back in Act 2. Do not panic.
* All secrets are telegraphed, but for some, you really need to pay attention
to that 1-2 pixels off.

-=The Useful Info=-
* Heart Ores exists in dungeons, but only the base dungeons before the final one.
* Post Game begins once last boss is dead. (Post Game is like 70% of the game)
* To find it, try going to Sheriffs house and/or Keatons Bar a few times.
* All Item Upgrades have a hold button mechanic.
* Re-exploring old dungeons is sometimes a good idea.
* A true final boss exists in the base game, you get it by paying your debt to
Pa and getting married to anyone.
* If you missed the chance for the first requirement you can get to the top of
the mountain, where your parents house were, and pay the debt there to the cabin.

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