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Name of the file: Rubber Bandits Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Weapons Ranked Guide:
Written by Afterburn

Rubber bandits weapons ranked by the undisputed God rubber bandits player.

-=Weapons in the Game=-
I am a big fan of this game for absurd reasons and I have a knack of taking
things competitively that have no rhyme or reason to be competitive but yet
here we are.

-=Overpowered Tier
There is no reason not use these. You can solo carnage rounds 1v3 if you
have one of these.

* Plasma gun is one of the most overpowered weapons in the game. It has massive
area of effect explosions. They travel fast, in a straight line with many shots
in the clip.
* Star armor can spawn randomly but will mostly be seen as an underdog bonus. It
makes you invincible and 1 shot everything in melee. So it’s self explanatory
why this would be OP. The duration is hefty as well.
* The jetpack will always be useful, it counts as a powerup so it doesn’t takeway
from you using weapons. It will serve you in all of the gamemodes.
* Thor’s hammer is an infinite throw-able that travels fast and goes back to the
user after it is thrown. It hits everything travelling where thrown and the on
the way back as well. This thing is busted.
* Armor – It gives you 2 hits of protection against being knocked out. After each
hit you are also granted respawn protection. Personally never gotten this because
I always win but I can see how this could cause you to win a round.

-=S Tier
* Uzi is the second best firearm in the game (beaten by the plasma gun) because of
its super high fire-rate. You can use it in other games modes such as Bomb Panic.
* Death laser is essentially a better Uzi with a windup, it’s cancel-able unlike
the Uzi.
* Boxing gloves will mostly be seen due to the underdog bonus, but can be found in
boxes. It’s the best melee weapon because the only drawback is that you can’t
parry correctly for some reason. Other than that they will always win melee
* Now I am not sure whether the lightsaber is better than the the other melee
weapons but I have a hunch it’s somehow better.

-=A Tier
* The magic book has a long usage animation but it can be immensely useful.
* Firework powerup creates projectiles that shoot up and land around you only
harming other players. It’s obvious why this is good.
* The rocket launcher is insanely good if you know what you are doing. Essentially
you can spawn-camp a player. The moment they respawn and even though they have
respawn protection they can still be hit by the rockets. By the time the rocket
ticks down and explodes they lose their protection. This is best used in the
Carnage gamemode.
* Pistol and the Slingshot are basically the same weapon. They are very useful and
quite common.
* Fireworks is quite a rare weapon that I have only seen a couple of times. This is
what the grenade launcher should have been.
* Shotgun is an upgrade from the pistol or slingshot. Higher spread = better chances
of hitting.
* The bell… God, I hate this one. It certainly has it’s uses in Bomb panic gamemode
and others to a lesser extent. But when used by someone experienced you will
quickly be annoyed.

-=B Tier
* Two handed weapons that hit from the side are probably the second most common
weapon type. They get the job done I suppose. But they are slow and methodical.
Good luck using these in a chaotic environment.
* Snare gun isn’t really that amazing unless we are talking about Snack attack or
Heist gamemodes.
* The minigun looks like it should be great on paper but it’s simply just a worse
version of the Uzi. It has a long windup time where you are exposed.
* Flamethrower / Molotov do not have an immediate effect and you can still be knocked
out by throwables so it’s only use is if you are trying to escape.

-=C Tier
* Single handed weapons that hit from above or the side are one of the most common
weapons in the game. They are alright but forget about trying to throw these,
unless it’s a Katana or a Flamingo because they won’t travel far and fly in weird
* The grenade launcher just simply sucks. You can blow yourself up most often than not.
The grenades are more dangerous because they do not explode on impact but ricochet
from most surfaces back to you. Although the chaotic aspect that it has is still
semi useful.
* Small throwables are a good way to start the game by stealing weapons from other
players. You may find stacks of Water Balloons or Snowballs at certain maps. They
fly fast and travel far.
* Ice gun is just not that great. Yeah it stuns but it doesn’t knock players out so
they do not drop their weapons. Any other firearm is better.

-=E Tier
* Big C4 is just terrible. Good thing it’s rare because nobody ever uses this thing
correctly and even then it’s just not good. Long windup time to produce an explosion
that will probably knock you out as well.
* Grenade / Firecrackers just don’t make much sense to use when you could just use
small throwables to knock people out faster.

-=D Tier
* Heavy objects are not particularly useful. They are bulky, take a while to charge
a hit, can’t be thrown very well etc. It’s all about speed in this game, so leave
these items alone.
* Ice power – I have never seen this in-game apart from the armoury. So I can’t really
tell you the usefulness of it. I am guessing it just freezes players around you after
you pick it up. So ice gun if it were a powerup.
* Wind blower – only useful in Team Brawl or Panick Bomb gamemodes.
Not that great and cannot be thrown.

-=Never Use This
* Spiral firecracker is an area of effect weapon that doesn’t behave how you would
think. The weapon is rare and very useless.
* The flare gun applies the fire effect on the player which is already an underwhelming
effect but now you have to aim the shot on 1 person only? Just use the flare gun as
a projectile and get 2 times more usefulness out of it that way.
* Dart gun inverts your controls. Yeah, that’s it. You can adapt to this after a
couple of seconds and knock the person out. The most useless weapon in the game.

How to Change Gamemode (Heist, Brawl, Arcade, Teams):
Written by Dimosthenis

If you don’t know how to change the Rubber Bandits Gamemodethis guide will show you
how to cycle your Rubber Bandits Gamemode between Heist, Brawl and Arcade

In order to change the gamemode, all you need to do is:

* Grab an item such as a baguette.
* Go to the bottom left corner and locate the toilet displaying the current gamemode.
* Punch the toilet to cycle gamemodes, as shown in the image below.
* Rubber Bandits How to Change Gamemode (Heist, Brawl, Arcade, Teams)

-=Teams Mode (3+ Players)=-
In order to play Heist or Brawl in Teams, you are going to need 3 or 4 players in
your lobby. It is recommended to have 4 players, so the teams are equal.

* Grab an item that can be used to break stuff. (eg. Baguette)
* Locate the toilet at the bottom right corner, that has a sign that says "No Teams"
or "Teams" coming out of it.
* Punch the toilet with your object.
* You should see the sign spin around, and when it stops it will be changed to "Teams".

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