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Name of the file: Rune Factory 5 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Starfall Seeds:
Written by Winter Ashikage

This guide will show you how to get infinite Starfall Seeds.

First find a starfall rock. Preferably this one next to Kelve Lava
Caves and save as close as you can to it. (I’ve only tested this
with the one in front of Kelve caves)

-=Next, and last=-
Next, mine the starfall rock and pick up the seeds it drops. If it
drops no seeds reload your save and try again.

Then go back to the save point that you used and save again. Right
after, reload your save. The starfall rock will be back again. Rinse
and repeat for as many seeds as you want.

-=End and Disclaimer=-
* If this doesn’t work with your starfall ore then maybe it has to
be the one in front of Kelve Lava Caves.
* To prove that this works I got two stacks of seeds in about 10

Written by Josh's Gaming Garden

Tomato seeds can be gotten early (as shown in this video) through the
New Ranger Care Pack, obtained with the digital deluxe version of the
game. Otherwise, they are unlocked later, after the request asking you
to ship 20 cabbages, chinese cabbages and onions. However, the tip still
stands that you should plant crops harvestable multiple times rather
than one-time harvests if you'd like to make a lot of money, as in RF5
crops won't wilt when the season ends (unlike in Story of Seasons), and
you can keep harvesting them as long as they are healthy. You can use
your hoe to till corn, wilted grass or 4-leaf clovers on a crop to
recover its HP.

Recommended crops are pumpkins, bell peppers and strawberries, which
are unlocked a lot earlier with the requests! Most of my income in-game
has come from strawberries.

How to Fight Enemies:
Written by panosphysio

You can probably cheese that quite easily but I am not sure if the enemies
you want to kill are considered (mini) bosses. This trick will not work if
they are.

Use your axe or hammer to cut wood or mine stone. Actually anything can be
used as ingredient as long as it is not something edible. Then go to any
cooking station you have and chose to make something without recipe. As
ingredient use any of the stones or pieces of wood you have. The recipe
only costs 10 rune points so it should be easy to make a few. You will
have a bunch of Failed Dishes. You have a few options from here:

* Toss those Failed Dishes onto an enemy and it will instantly take 20% of
its life. Higher level dishes do more damage if you find any. Keep in mind
that it only works on non boss enemies.

* Use those failed dishes as ingredients on any cooking station without
selecting a recipe to reroll them. They will most likely turn again to a
failed dish but every now and then you can get a Disastrous Dish. Disastrous
Dishes do 75% dmg if I remember it correctly and if you are lucky to find
a level 2 or higher Disastrous Dish you can use it to insta kill any non
boss enemy.

Alternatively you can use wood or stone at an alchemy bench (without
selecting any recipe) and it will create a potion X or whatever is called.
Those potions have similar effects with the dishes. They inflict all
possible debuffs and status effects on the enemies. This includes poison
and sleep. Keep in mind that sleep will wear off after a while but the
poison will continue ticking until the enemy dies. Also if an enemy is
immune to a certain effect it will not work. So basically all you have
to do is use one of those and then run around until it dies.

Generally dishes are preferable because they have instant effects but
they do not stack in inventory so if you have limited space then you can
not carry around many. For the potions it is the exact opposite. They
are damage over time but they stack so you can carry a lot more.

Stuttering Fix Guide (NVIDIA):
Written by kaldeqca

If you’re experiencing constant stuttering with the game, here’s something
you can try.

* Go to Nvidia control pannel -> Manage 3D settings -> Programs Settings.
* Select Rune Factory 5.exe.
* Then go to feature -> power management.
* Set it to “prefer maximum performance”.
* Then Vertical Sync.
* Set it to either “Off” or “Adaptive”.
* This fixed stuttering for me.

If that did not work, then get RTSS, and set the game to 60FPS, this would
set the game frametime to constant 16.6ms (assuming that your PC can handle
it) which would provide the most smooth experience.

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