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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner’s Tips and Tricks:
Written by kiddinomyte.

This is a bunch of tips and tricks from a person with 160+ hours
on the game, and who knows what the actual flippity-flip-flop is
going on.

-=Basic Tips=
* In melee training, try to focus on only the spots where you are able
to get stars, or at least near your character. In later levels for
melee, there are going to be very confusing patterns, and you will
either need to get used to tracking each and every apple coming your
way, or just focus on some key points (the star spots, or your character).
* In ranged training, try to get rid of overlapping targets first, and
hit the part where the two meet. This will both give you 2 stars, but
will also eliminate 2 targets. This will be very useful later on in
training when you have high combo’s, because jesus it is going to be
incredibly crowded.
* In the beginning of the game, try to focus on Melee training, Block,
Soulcery, and Ranged. These all are able to do damage, and Block
allows the negation of damage. Do keep in mind, all soulcery abilities
don’t use up your turn, and neither does poison arrow. Use poison arrow,
and the soulcery abilities to your advantage to deal extra damage.
* Always do long training sessions. This may seem mildly obvious, but
it is usually not done. This can level you up a lot, and make you
overpowered for your section, as long as you are able to do more damage
then the enemies, or have more health then the enemies can handle.
* Try to train on how to counter (blocking or dodging at the last second),
because this negates all damage (if it is dodging) and deals damage to
your enemy instead. This in short, is well… A counter. Try mastering
it as soon as possible, because it could save your life some time.

-=Normal Tips=-
* Agility and blocking are your best friend in this game. Let me explain.
Agility and blocking let you counter, which as I said last section, is
a vital part of combat. Being able to get to at least gold rank with
both allow for some extra dodge/block slots, agility allows more
critical hits, and block allows for more damage negated and extra
health,so try to get as much training done in those 2 as possible
early game.
* Do. Not. Rage. Yeah, yeah. I know the feeling of being right there,
about to get a 300 combo, and accidentally missing an apple. Just
remember, raging will not solve anything. It will only result in a
broken keyboard (or broken anything for that matter). Plus, raging
makes you less concentrated, which is worse for training, making it
harder for you to train.
* Soulcery. Don’t forget about it, as it can be of great use! The damage
it can provide before you use your actual attack is pretty good, so
don’t forget about it and train it along with all your other areas.
Just because it can be a pain, doesn’t mean you should neglect it.

-=Advanced Tips=-
* Advanced tips… At this point, the tips are just in general.
* Not confined to just training, and you will see this line repeated
throughout the series for the advanced tips.
* The mushroom in the museum is your best-est friend there is. Let me
explain. Being able to get money, EXP, special coupons, and even skill
points that you didn’t have to train for is absolutely a win, and all
you have to do is find the occasional clover! These pop up either from
training, or from fighting. And either way the mushroom is AMAZING.
* Eko’s potion shop is going to be essential for later fights, as a health
potion can save you, a strength potion is going to help you defeat bosses,
and an energy potion is going to help with firing more arrows, blocking
more attacks, and dodging and countering your way to victory.

They are essential for later fights as well, as they are like a merc that you
can hire, just you don’t have to pay. You will need the Flute for this, and
here is a guide telling you what all the songs you are going to have to play
are to tame them. You can also level them up using a Power Candy/turnip from
Eko’s shop.

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