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Name of the file: Kingdom of Atham Crown of the Champions Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
Written By Osi

Useful tips & tricks for KoA CotC a good start to your journey!

* Always keep fiber and blood.

* Always hold the space bar when climbing.

* Hold the shift key to split item stacks.

* Rebind ctrl key to mouse button for combat role.

* Use the directional keys and the cursor to swim up and down.

* Using the WASD keys is a great way to physically dodge damage.

* Hold shift while swimming; it will accelerate your swim mechanic.

* Hold down the left mouse button when farming and it will auto swing.

* When the message un claim a bed shows up that means you have claimed it.

* Scout areas before building your permanent base….build near iron nodes.

* If you fall do to a lack of stamina when climbing hold the space bar to
limit damage.

* Campfires are an excellent lighting source and an easy way to convert
wood to charcoal.

* Triangle foundations dont count for the foundation placement in the
building quest line.

* When the message De-authorize shows up on a totem that means you have
already authorized it.

* Hold the shift key in purchasing menus or crafting menus to increase the
number of items by 5.

* When starting the game it is quicker to build an axe to collect branches
then trying to find them.

* Don’t allow the food and water bars to empty simultaneously as your stamina
bar will rapidly deplete.

* Once a totem has been authorized you can use your hammer as a repair tool
on damaged building structures.

* You can collect sand from the beach an periodically collect stone to
complete the first quest or to build a tool.

* Check descriptors on all items in the different benches and personal menu.
It will provide hints to recipes or item functions.

* When setting scroll Lock…ie the 4 digit door lock. Up on entering code
it should carry over to all others that are already placed.

* You can lighten areas in the game by lowering post processing, shadows
and volumetric fog in your graphic settings…this will help in the caverns.

* You can use filled water buckets on your inventory bar as a water resource
for drinking. You can also fill up your water bar by walking into and out
of the lakes.

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