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Name of the file: World War Z: Aftermath v0.1.DEV.8074415 / 0.1.MS.33999 Trainer +7 (Aurora) - Author: CHA

Trainer Options
# Party
NumPad1: Unlimited Party Health
NumPad2: Unlimited Sprint

# Weapons
NumPad3: Unlimited Ammo

# Gameplay
NumPad4: Game Speed

Editor Options
# Currency
Challenge Credits

# Progression
Current Level


Has changed, so read carefully! To use the Credits option, you will now need to enter your Epic acount NickName into the Editor where it says:

Enter Player Nickname

You will see that the name, Name, is already there. Enter your Epic Nickname then press TAB to lock it in. The trainer will shorten it to the first 4 letters. You can then go back to the game, click COLLECTION, then press ESC to get back to the main menu, and you will see that your credits will fill into the space. You can then edit the Credits to the value you want.

Your nickname is the name shown right above the Credits value.

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