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Name of the file: Just Shapes & Beats Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips How to Beat the Last Boss:
Written by MyFrienDohs

I’ll try explain as simple as possible so you guys can easily beat annihilate

-=Phase 1=-
Beginning of level

I’d stay to the left of the screen. Basically the first spike wall will
appear to the right, you can just avoid that easily. The next spike wheel
will appear on the left, i’d recommend dashing through that in between
the gaps, another one will appear on the right. Then spike-balls will appear
haphazardly, i’d recommend not dashing much and instead just avoiding them
in any direction (don’t go to the middle though, i also don’t recommend
switching sides).

-=Phase 2 (predrop)=-
This is the part where those snake-balls would appear

You can cheese this part by staying in the top left corner for the entire
duration. I would move down once the last snake has traversed the screen
since then the entire screen would fill up with snakes. I’d also recommend
dashing through the snakes since it reduces the risk of getting hit by one

-=Phase 3 (drop)=-
Drop (after it says ‘you have been destroyed’)

Basically stay in any corner, the monster will occasionally shoot lasers
at the middle/bottom of the screens but the cool thing is that the spike balls
it spits out do direct you away from the lasers. Never sit at the middle since
eventually the lasers will kill you.

After some time it’ll grow up four ‘arms’. It’ll move two down towards your
direction, then stall for a bit, then move towards you again. This part will
repeat again after it shoots more lasers.

After that part, its the same as before, it shooting spike balls and some

-=Phase 4 (ending)=-
The borders will reappear and the monster will start shooting spike balls
again, i’d recommend staying at the bottom. It’ll also start spewing out
the snakes again, one from the bottom-right, bottom-left then on the second-
to-bottom row, staying as low as possible should avoid all the snakes.

Then the entire screen will fill up again with snakes, right, then left,
then from the top, then from the bottom. This will repeat twice. I’d
recommend dashing through them again so you’d reduce the risk of getting
hit by one.

After this will be the finale, just wait until the final beat, then go
into his mouth, the lore will continue if you’re in story mode, if you’re
in challenge/playlist/party mode, the level will just end. You can cheese
this by staying at the very top/bottom but there really is no reason.

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