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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Earning money:
Collect money from rackets to earn a good amount of money. Your underbosses control
rackets and collect money directly from them. You will need to visit your underbosses
to get the money. There is a cap on the amount they can hold for you at a time. If you
do not collect it, they will stop bringing money in from the rackets. Keep visiting
your underbosses on a regular bases to collect the money. The cap will increase with
game progression. Progressing through the story and having all three underbosses to
command will unlock new ways to earn money, like Stealing Dead Drops and Following
Bagmen. However, this method will not become available until you progress through the
main storyline to meet Donovon on a bench in Barclay Mills. Progressing through the
main storyline is important, especially getting closer to Vito Scaletta.
Reach $140,000 to unlock the ability to hire someone to collect the racket money.
This will allow you to Steal Dead Drops and Follow Bagmen instead of worrying about
collecting racket money.

Easy "One Good Turn" achievement:
It is likely you will get this achievement naturally. Get a fast car and drive along
the highway. Then, pull the handbrake and steer left or right. You have to make a 180
degree or more turn. Make sure you are driving fast enough or it will not count.

Easy "Testing The Shock" achievement:
This achievement requires a fast sports car, like the De'Leo Stiletto, which can be
found (rare) randomly driving around in the Frisco Fields region (north-west of map).
Other high-end sports cars also work. There is a construction site in the north-western
corner of Frisco Fields (by the water). It has a large ramp made of dirt. Start driving
from the end of the map to the ramp at the construction site. With enough speed, you
will be able to reach 50+ meters easily. The car must land on its wheels to get the
"Testing The Shock" achievement. There are many other ramps all over the map.
Later in the game, you can also unlock upgrades that improve the speed of your
vehicle. Thus, if you have any trouble, you can wait until later in the game.

Easy "Next Time Swim Faster" achievement:
Alligators can be found in the rivers of the Bayou area (south of map). Just jump in
the water and swim around until an alligator kills you to get the "Next Time Swim
Faster" achievement.

General Tips:
* A menu option allows you to switch between lethal and non-lethal takedowns. This
will let you minimize the number of casualites, if you wish so.
* Civilians will react when they see you running around with a weapon at the ready.
They might try to call the police, but you’ll have the opportunity to stop them.
You can recognize them by the phone icon above their head.
* Whenever you see a Junction Box, make sure you wire tap it. This will reveal all
points of interest (collectibles, weapons, stashes) in a certain radius.
* Killing enforcers (low level officers in the mafia) isn’t mandatory, but it will
make tackling the main story quests a lot easier.
* You won’t be able to customize Lincoln right away, but the option will be added.
For more info, take a look at our Mafia 3 Character Customization guide.
* Deposit your money often – when you die, you’ll lose anything that wasn’t safely
stashed away.
* You will be able to roam the city after you finish the campaign, so don’t feel
pressured to clear every area before getting to the next.

Associate Perk Tips:
* Keeping the lieutenants happy will be a balancing act. If any one of them isn’t
pleased, they’ll abandon your cause. They’ll show their discontent clearly at a
sit-down, but consider that a final warning. If you don’t start doing what they
think is right after that, they’re going to leave.
* Favoring one underboss over others has its benefits as well. For instance, if you
give New Bordeaux districts exclusively to Vito, you’re going to get an amazing
weapon at some point.
* Try to get the Consigliere perk as soon as you can. It will allow you to call for
a courrier and deposit your money without leaving a mission.
* Burke’s perks will unlock more cars to get via supply runs. Some of them are
among the top tier of vehicles in the game.
* Cassandra’s perks will unlock better options at the arm dealer’s van, like
cheaper ammo or stronger weapons.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement How to unlock
Sure Thing, Boss : Unlocked all Associates.
IRA Don't Ask : Completed all of Burke's side-missions.
I Need a Favor : Completed all of Vito's side-missions.
.45 in My Hand : Completed all of Cassandra's side-missions.
Cash in Hand : Saved $150,000 between your wallet and the bank.
Baby, You're a Rich Man : Earned $500,000.
Racketeer : Got the maximum earn from one of your Rackets.
Hole in Your Pocket : Spent at least $500,000.
Big Earner : Received $10,000 in earn from one Underboss.
The New Boss : Flipped 16 Racket Bosses.
Live Another Day : Recruited 15 Racket Informants.
No Loose Ends : Killed all of the Racket Bosses.
Can't Trust a Rat : Killed 15 Racket Informants.
Custom 358 : Drove at 120 mph or faster for 20 seconds.
New Bordeaux Drifter : While driving, drifted for at least 5 seconds.
Wrecker : Executed 10 Vehicle Takedowns.
Combat Specialist : Killed 300 enemies via Takedowns.
Closed Casket : Performed 50 Brutal Takedowns.
Bon Appétit! : Fed a body to an alligator.
Next Time Swim Faster : Got eaten by an alligator.
Sending A Message : Chained together 3 or more Brutal Takedowns.
Code 112 : Stole a Police car.
Insurance Risk : Escaped a Police Zone after being chased for 2 minutes.
Never Saw it Coming : Killed an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door.

Playboy magazine locations:
Search the indicated locations to find the Playboy magazines:

-=Delray Hollow=-
1. On a desk in the back of the Everyday Laundromat. There is also a Junction
Box nearby.
2. On a table in the basement of Sammy's Bar.
3. On a desk inside the green ramshackle house in the area.
4. On the bar counter inside the Double Barrel Bar.

-=River Row=-
1. On a desk inside the Bayside Shipping warehouse.
2. Behind the wall on a table in the kitchen area of Fresh Crab Shack.
3. In the corner filing cabinet inside Baby Bear BBQ restaurant next to the table.
4. On a table in a shack in the River Row slums.
5. Next to a chair in a riverfront home near the bridge that has a wooden chair.

-=Pointe Verdun=-
1. On a bench near the cliff at the lighthouse.
2. Inside a small house under the freeway.
3. On a black coach inside the garage next to the Bevers Moonshine.
4. In a trailer office in the police station. Use stealth to avoid detection.
5. On top of a bench in the Burke's Iron & Metal garage.

-=Barclay Mills=-
1. Find the building with the Red Draft billboard next to the large open hangar
(garage). It is inside the garage/hangar, behind the trucks.
2. On a table inside the wooden shack on the hill.
3. On a table inside a cabin on the hill with a blue metal table on the porch.
4. On the porch of the ranch house on the hill.

1. On the desk inside the Auto Service office.
2. Enter the sewers from the river tunnel. It is on the bottom shelf of a
small workbench.
3. Hidden inside the yellow flowers next to the park monument.
4. You access a construction yard behind Shaker's Jazz Club during the "Caver's
Construction" mission. It is inside the trailer office.
5. On a desk inside an office in a garage on the shoreline.

-=Tickfaw Harbor=-
1. Behind the bar inside Shooter's Bar.
2. On a desk inside the small train depot in the rail yard.
3. Go to the Bayside Shipping's main building that has a sign on top of it.
There is a small building on the opposite side that has the magazine on a
ledge on the roof.
4. On a desk inside the small trailer office in the shipyard.
5. Inside a small trailer office on the waterfront.

-=Frisco Fields=-
1. On the floor in the house on the lake.
2. On top of the tower at Duvall Lookout.

-=French Ward=-
1. Inside the green garage in the residential area.

1. In the stands of Neil A. Arthur Stadium.
2. In a bathroom cabinet in a green shotgun home near the bridge.
3. Go to the Pearl Diver motel to find it on a table near the window,
on the second floor.

-=Bayou Fantom=-
1. On a table inside the old shack on the Bayou.
2.On the workbench at the stilted shack over the water.
3. On a picnic table at the riverfront home on the Bayou.

Unlimited Ammo:
Progress through the game to the point where you meet Cassandra, after which the
mobile arms dealer should become an available option. You can then get free ammo
refills if you call the dealer to your position, then switch to a different weapon.
Equip that other weapon, then switch back to the weapon that prompted you to call
the dealer in the first place. This process will refill that weapon's ammunition
at no cost to you. Keep in mind, though, that the exploit is likely to be fixed
with a future software patch.

Building Your Fortune:
Perhaps the best way to earn money in the game is through rackets. You assign
underbosses to a racket, and then you can periodically visit them to collect
whatever they earned for you during your absence. It's important to visit them
often, though, since there are limits to how much money they'll keep safe on your
behalf. It's also worth progressing the story missions, since completing them
will raise the cap and also give you new ways to build your fortune. In particular,
try to play until at least the point when you meet Donovan, who you will find on
a bench in Barclay Mills. And once you have put away $140,000, you can also hire
someone to collect racket money on your behalf, so that you can spend your time
and energy elsewhere.

Play It Safe:
When you head out on a mission, you're putting your fortune at risk. You can
place money in a safe if there's a risk that you'll meet an untimely end. Missions
increase that risk, so you should make a habit of depositing most of your walking
around money in the safe before you try to move the story forward that next step.
Then, if you fail the mission and lose half of the money currently on your person,
the loss is less of a disaster.

Bayou Fantom Playboy Locations:
* June, 1962 - Check a small island near the Bayou's western end. Look for a
small cottage and boathouse, positioned along the northern bank. Check inside
the buildings to find the magazine resting on a table.
* August, 1968 - On one of the central islands, you'll see a large cove with a
wrecked galleon. At the center of that island, you'll find a hut with the
magazine issue inside.
* June, 1968 - Start from the large cove near the center of the bayou and head
northeast to find a cluster of fishing huts. To the south from there, across
some water, you'll spot a single shack with a dock. There, you can find the
* July, 1968 - Access the shantytown located near the center of the Bayou area.
Then check the deck of the second-to-last building near the settlement's
western side.
* March, 1962 - Near the southeastern end of the bayou, look for a warehouse
next to some railroad tracks. Check the woods behind the compound and you'll
spy a small house. Inside waits the magazine issue.

Barclay Mills Playboy Locations:
* November, 1963 - As you head uphill on the road leading from Delray Hollow
and into Barclay Mills, check the back deck of the first house on your left.
* February, 1964 - Follow the road leading from Delray Hollow and through the
hills. On your right, you should find a small garage near a home. Check that
deck's back deck to find the magazine sitting on a table.
* September, 1963 - Near the district's northeast side, as you approach from
the west (just down the road from the hills area), leave the road near the
first house you reach above the shantytown. In an adjacent house, you'll
find the magazine issue.
* January, 1964 - In the industrial area located at the district's west side,
check the large warehouse located just north from the railroad tracks.

Delray Hollow Playboy Locations:
* August, 1964 - Located in your basement room at Sammy's bar. It is positioned
on the desk across from your bed.
* August, 1966 - Check the laundromat down the street from Sammy's bar. It is
in the manager's office, which itself is located along the left of the hallway
past the Employee's Only door, on the left side of the laundromat.
* November, 1967 - Check the southwest corner of the central island in the
Hollow. In a small green house, down the street from the bridge that leads
into the bayou, the magazine is sitting on a desk positioned along the
south wall.
* May, 1964 - Positioned on the far end of the bar at the Double Barrel Bar,
which is located across from the abandoned amusement park on the Hollow's
south island.

Managing Lieutenants:
As you work your way through the campaign, you will forge alliances with three
lieutenants: Cassandra, Vito Scaletta, and Thomas Burke. They are powerful allies,
and you will also be able to assign regions to them, which they can control. As
you do, you'll gain numerous perks. It may be tempting to assign a lot of territory
to one of your favorites, for improved perks in a particular category, but that
will cause strife and may turn a valuable lieutenant into an enemy. Instead, you
should distribute the six territories evenly over time, so that each lieutenant
winds up controlling two territories. This will allow you to earn the "We're in
This Together" trophy or achievement, whereas giving everything to a single
lieutenant sets you up to receive the "Just You and Me" trophy or achievement.

Testing the Shocks:
Get a fast sports car, such as the De'Leo Stiletto. You can typically find it
in the Frisco Fields region, though it is quite rare. Once you have obtained
one, head to the northwestern area of that same region. Near the water, you'll
find a ramp made out of dirt. You can get a good run at that ramp and launch
from it, then fly 50 or more meters without much difficulty. Provide your
vehicle lands at the end of that jump, you'll earn your recognition.

Recruited to 5th SFG:
You'll need to produce five headshots within the span of five seconds in order to
earn this trophy or achievement, which you can easily accomplish by visiting a
crowded place such as the police station in the French Ward district (positioned
near the map's north side). Toss a Screaming Zemi (it's readily available from
the arms dealer, once you progress far enough in the campaign) at a group of
officers gathered in the garage area, and they'll investigate. Then, as they
stand around, use a pistol or a rifle to shoot them quickly in the head.

One Good Turn:
The name of this trophy or achievement refers to a 180-degree turn (or better)
that you need to perform while driving. Find a really fast car, then race along
the highway. Once you build up some decent speed, engage the handbrake and steer
sharply left or right. If you do it properly, while driving quickly enough, you'll
earn the desired recognition.

Next Time Swim Faster:
To obtain this trophy or achievement, you need to let an alligator make a snack
out of you. This is easily accomplished if you head for the Bayou region (near
the map's south side) and jump in the water for a nice swim. Just keep swimming
until an alligator kills you and the trophy or achievement is yours.

Never Saw It Coming:
There aren't a lot of opportunities in the game to kick open a door and kill a
foe who was lurking behind it. In reality, your best shot is during the second
mission, "The Home Fires Burn." There, you'll learn about kicking open doors,
as you pursue the area boss. Baka is hiding with some goons in a building, and
you can kick open the door and quickly blast one with a weapon such as a shotgun
or rifle. If you do it quickly enough, the desired recognition is yours.

To get this trophy or achievement, you'll need to coax your enemies into burning
themselves with Molotov cocktails. The easiest way to manage it is during the
second campaign mission, "The Home Fires Burn." During that mission, make sure
to find and keep a weak variety of pistol. You'll soon reach a point where the
game instructs you on the use of the Molotov explosives. Position yourself behind
cover, and a nearby enemy will shout that he is about to throw a Molotov (he
announces this in numerous different ways). Quickly break out from cover and hit
him with a weak pistol, so that you don't kill him but instead cause him to drop
the Molotov before tossing it. Once that happens, find other nearby enemies and
allow them to kill you before you pass through the next checkpoint, so that you
can repeat the process again. Keep doing so until you earn the trophy or

Custom 358:
To earn this achievement or trophy, you'll need to build up some tremendous
speed. This is most easily done later in the game, after you have unlocked
vehicle upgrades. You can do it earlier in the game, though, if you find the
right car. Vehicles fast enough for the job include the De'Leo Stiletto, the
Samson Duke, and the Samson Opus. You'll have the most luck finding them in
the Frisco Fields region, though the latter two could pop up anywhere. All of
them are quite rare. Then, once you have the desired vehicle, follow the route
leading southwest from Frisco Fields, over the bridge to Barclay Mills. Pass
through the tunnel and head downhill, keeping to the main road, which should
make it easy to build and maintain the speed you need.

Bon Appétit!:
To earn this achievement or trophy, you need to feed a body to an alligator.
Head for the map's Bayou area, near the south side. Hijack a car and kill
the civilian driver, then drop the body in the water near one of the local
alligators to easily snag your recognition.

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