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Name of the file: Wurm Unlimited Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Command Lists (2019 Update):
Written by Kostet960604

/help in the game chat to see the same commands.
Corrections suggest in the comments.
Actual for game version

Current available commands:
/addfriend [friendsname] [category] – add someone to your friends list remotely.
/afk [[message]] – toggles Away-From-Keyboard mode, with optional message.
/alliance [message] – alliance chat.
/almanac – shows the harvestables using the reports in almanac(s) in your inventory.
/attackers – shows who you have been fighting the last five minutes.
/ca – toggles messages to the community assistant window
/caringfor – shows list of creatures you are caring for.
/champs – shows the Champion Eternal Records.
/clear – clears the current tab.
/clear [tabName] – clears the specified tab on event side (e.g. /clear combat).
/converts – shows the number of times you can change kingdom
/fatigue – displays how much time you have left to perform fatiguing tasks.
/fl – shows your current combat focus level
/fsleep – freezes or thaws the consumption of sleep bonus. May be toggled every 5 minutes.
This toggle is reset every server restart or you change server.
/ignore [player] – makes you unable to hear that player.
It also adds to mute vote if used by many people at the same time.
/ignore – shows ignore list
/invitations – allows you to receive an invitation from another player to join
their kingdom or religion.
/kingdoms – displays kingdom influence on this server.
/lotime – shows how long until you leave the game if you lose link
/me [emote] – replaces ‘/me ‘ with your name and sends the rest to players in the vicinity.
/mission – displays the last instructions received
/openchat [channel] – channel is one of [k]ingdom, [g]lobal kingdom or [t]rade.
/password [oldpassword] [newpassword] – changes your password.
/playtime – shows information about the time you have played.
/poll – In Game poll.
/reputation – shows your current reputation.
Reputation is affected by attacking other players and stealing.
/random [number] – broadcasts a random number up to max [number] a few tiles.
/rank – shows your current battle rank.
/ranks – shows top battle ranks.
/refer – A premium account player may give away free silver coins or playing time once.
/release corpse – normally people from your kingdom may not loot your corpse.
If you issue this command they may.
/remove [person] – removes person from your friends list
/respawn – sends a dialogue offering you to respawn when you are dead.
/revoke [villagename] – removes you as a citizen from the village.
/shout [message] – kingdom chat
/signin [[message]] – signs you in.
/signout [[message]] – signs you out.
/sleep – shows how long you have left of sleep bonus.
/snipe [person] – (premium only) will mute the player if enough people issue this
command at roughly the same time. You have only one snipe per time period.
/stopcaring – frees all the animal husbandry slots for caring.
/stuck – helps you getting out from trees your are stuck in.
/suicide – kills you. You will lose some skill!
/support [message] – opens up a support ticket window so you can add extra details
before sending.
/team [message] – team chat
/tell [person] [message] – tells someone something ingame.
/time – shows current game time.
/tinvite [person] – invites a player to your team.
/title – displays the title you are currently using.
/titles – gives the option to select an active title among your available titles.
/toggleccfp – toggle visibility of the ccfp bar.
/tutorial – start the in-game tutorial.
/tweet – sends your tweet to the village twitter if enabled.
/uptime – shows the time since the last reboot
/village [message] – village chat
/vinvite [name] – Sends a village invite to the named player.
/villageinvite [name] – Sends a village invite to the named player.
/vteleport – Allows you to use your one free village teleport.
/vote [citizen] – vote for a citizen to become mayor
/warnings – shows information about your official moderation warnings.
/weather – Gives information about wind direction and speed
/who – shows logged on people
/recruit [playername] – Adds a player to your village recruit list.
/unrecruit [playername] – Removes a player from your village recruit list.
/listrecruits – Show your village recruitment list.
/join player [playername] – Attempts to join the village of the player, must be
on the village recruitment list.
/join village [villagename] – Attempts to join the village, must be on the village
recruitment list.
/mykingdoms – Displays the kingdoms you are currently affiliated with on Chaos and Epic
/setfieldgrowthtime [time] [password] – Sets how often fields will be polled.
/setskillgainmultiplier [rate] [password] – Skill gain rate multiplier.
/setcharacteristicsstartvalue [value] [password] – Sets the starting value of the
characteristics skills for new players. (requires restart)
/setmindlogicstartvalue [value] [password] – Sets the starting value of mind logic
for new players. (requires restart)
/setbodycontrolstartvalue [value] [password] – Sets the starting value of the body
control skill for new players. (requires restart)
/setfightingstartvalue [value] [password] – Sets the fighting skill start value
for new players. (requires restart)
/setoverallstartskillvalue [value] [password] – Sets the overall starting skill
value for new players. (restart required)
/setplayercrmod [CR] [password] – Sets the combat rating of players.
/setactionspeedmod [mod] [password] – Speeds up or slows down action timers.
/sethotadelay [delay] [password] – HOTA delay
/setmaxcreatures [max] [password] – Sets the maximum number of creatures that can
naturally spawn on the server.
/setmaxaggcreatures [percent] [password] – Sets the % of the creature pool that
can be aggressive creatures.
/setupkeep [true/false] [password] – Toggle settlement upkeep on or off.
/setfreedeeds [true/false] [password] – Toggle free deed creation on or off.
/settradermaxmoney [silver] [password] – Sets the max amount of money a trader can have.
/settraderinitialmoney [silver] [password] – Sets the initial amount of money a trader has.
/setminimummininghits [hits] [password] – Sets the amount of hits required to tunnel through rock.
/setbreedingtime [mod] [password] – Modifier to speed up or slow down breeding.
/settreespreadodds [odds] [password] – Toggles the spreading of trees and mushrooms.

/setmoneypool [silver] [password] – Sets the amount of money in the server pool.
(requires restart)
/help or /?- this message
Current available commands:
#chat [int color] – colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The
color is optional and you’ll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values.
#mute [playername] [hours] [reason] – the player cannot communicate except with tell.
#unmute [playername] – pardons a mute.
#mutewarn [playername] (reason) – sends a warning that a player may be muted.
The reason is optional.
#showmuters – displays a list of the people who can mute apart from the gms.
#showmuted – displays a list of the people who are muted.
#showcas – displays a list of the ca.
#showdevtalkers – displays a list of the people who can see the GM Tab.
#alerts – lets you change periodic messages from the server.
#announce – announces a blue system wide message.
#ban [playername] [days] [reason] – bans the player and the ipaddress.
You must provide the number of days and a reason.
#banhere|#baniphere|#pardonhere|pardoniphere [playername] – bancontrol for the current
server only
#banip [ipaddress] [days] [reason] – bans the ipaddress and kicks anyone from it.
You must provide the number of days and a reason.
#bansteamid [steamid/player] [days] [reason] – bans the steamId
#kips – displays kingdom IP addresses and time since last logout.
#broadcast – broadcasts a system wide message.
#calcCreatures – Calculates number of creatures on surface, in caves, are visible, and offline,
Use with care – lag prone.
#changeemail [playername] [newemail] – changes the email of a single player character.
#changemodel [model] – change character model (gmdark or gmnormal)
#changepassword [playername] [newpassword] – changes the password of a player.
#checkCreatures – error checks the positions of creatures. Will return dislocated guards for
instance. May provide a name like ‘templar’ to check only those. Use with care – lag prone
and may cause instant spawns.
#checkclients [[name] [true]]- sends a message to all clients that they should relaunch if
they run an old client version.
if [name] is specified then just send a message to the specified player to get a list of
loaded classes.
if [true] is specified then the list of loaded classes is NOT filted upon its return.
#findboat [name] – lets you find a boat with part of the name in it. May be processor heavy
so if you notice lag, use with care!
#getAchievementData [playername] [achievement id]
#getip [playername] – displays the players ip address and any other accounts from the same address.
#getips – displays the current players with ip addresses.
#getwarnings [playername] – displays info about the player’s warnings.
#gm – send a GM message to login server.
#gmlight – togles personal light on/off when you are invisible.
#hideme [GM] – hides (GM) name in MGMT and GM Tab list, if GM is specified then just the GM tab is done.
#invis – toggles invisibility
#kick [playername] – kicks the player
#loadItem [long id] – loads item with id, (removing from the owner).
#locateavatars – locates all avatars on the server and tells you where they are. It could cause lag,
so use sparingly.
#locatehorse [string] – return the location of horses whose name contains the supplied argument string.
#offline – shows offline creatures with location.
#onfire – toggles player fire.
#online [playername] – returns the current status and server of the given player
#pardon [playername] – pardons the player and the ipaddress
#pardonip [ipaddress] – pardons the ipaddress
#pardonsteamid [steamid] – pardons the steamid
#plimit [new number] – the number when the server no longer accepts free players.
It will always let premiums in though.
#reload [creatureId or playername] – reload a player or creature when bugged.
#rename [oldname] [newname] [password] – renames the player. The player must be LOGGED OFF.
#resetwarnings [playername] – resets the players warnings to 0.
#respawn [playername] – respawns a dead player at the start.
#setmuter [name] – gives or removes the ability to a normal player to mute other players.
#setreputation [playername] [new reputation] – sets the reputation of a player.
#setserver [playername] [serverid] – tells this server that the player is on the server
with the number specified.

#showbans – displays current bans
#showheros [power] – displays a list of the people with power (defaults to Hero).
#soundspam – spams area around you with random sounds for testing.
#timemod [hours] – modifies your current time with the number of hours. Can be negative.
#toggleEpic – toggles epic portals
#toggleglobal – toggles global chat.
#warn [playername] – the player receives an official warning.
#watch [playername] [description] – creates a ‘watch’ ticket.
#who [J|H|M] – sends a list of players online from Jenn-kellon, HOTS, or Mol-Rehan respectively
#worth [name] – helps debug royal level kills on pvp servers.
#addmoney [name months days silvers detail] – adds prem or silver to a players account.
Detail needs to be any unique string like paypal id or ‘reimburseXox22332’.
Example: #addmoney rolf 0 2 2 add2days2silverrolf
#addtitle [name] [[title id]] – adds the default title Clairvoyant to bug reporters.
title id is optional.
#allowall – opens the server for new connections. (leaves maintenance mode).
#artist [name] [sound] [graphics] – toggle artist privileges. example: #artist mrb false true.
#creaturepos – toggles creature position logging.
#devtalk [name] – toggles the ability to a normal player to hear the gm chat.
#dumpxml – generates a new epic xml on the login server.
#invuln – toggles invulnerability mode.
#itempos [id] – checks the position of an item.
#maxcreatures [newvalue] – sets the number of max creature to a new value.
#newmission [deityname] – generates a new epic mission for the provided deity.
#overrideshop [name] [true|false] – if set to true the player may use the shop even though
he has had previous payment reversals.
#readlog – Reads and displays the player’s log from the server filesystem. TODO.
#redeem – functionality to retrieve items from banned players.
#registermail – registers player email in list.
#removetitle [name] [[title id]] – removes the default title Community Assistant.
title id is optional.
#resetplayer [name] – resets the players skills and faith to max 20.
Also removes champion/realdeath.
#sdown – displays a message that the server is shutting down and rejects new connections.
Does not shut down (enters maintenance mode).
#startx [number] – sets the tile X where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers
all players) start to the number given.
#starty [number] – sets the tile Y where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers
all players) start to the number given.
#togglemission [missionname] – enables or disables the mission with the name supplied.
#togglemounts – enables or disables riding, driving and horse spawning.
#toggleqa [name] – toggles the QA status on or off for the account.
#toggleflag [name] [flagid] – toggles the flag on or off for the account.
#isqa [name] – Checks if account has QA status.
#getStoredCreatures – List the WurmID and names of stored creatures on this server.
#addfakemo value [owner] [parent] – adds fake money to your inventory with the optionally
provided owner and parent item.
#flattenRock [N], [E], [S], [W], [Extra Distance Below]
– Custom sized flatten zone. Flattens to rock instead of dirt.
#flattenDirt [N], [E], [S], [W], [Extra Distance Below], [Min Dirt Distance to Rock]
– Pretty self-explanatory.
#setpower [player] [power], sets the power of a player. 0=Normal, 1=Hero, 2=Demigod,
3=High-god, 4=Arch, 5=Dev.
#listdens, shows a list of all unique dens.
#removeden [templateID], removes a unique den with a certain template ID
#reloadItems [wurmId] – checks for all subitems of the given itemId and forces them
back into that item.
#showPersonalGoals [playerName] – Shows the current (and old) personal goals of the player
#addreimb name months days silvers setbok – adds to a players reimbursement pool.
#addregalia name – adds kingdom regalia.
#checkItems – error checks the positions of items. Use with care – lag prone.
#checkZones – Error checks the surface and cave zones. TODO.
#createportals – create Freedom Portals. TODO.
#enableboats – create boat entriess. TODO.
#findfish – lists the close special fish spots.
#findoldfish – lists the old close rare fish spots.
#lagstatus – gives the count in real seconds from startup versus the number of seconds ticked.
#locate [string] – return the location of creature with name containing the supplied argument string.
#locateitem [templateid] – return the location of the end game item with that id.
#noxmas – remove Christmas light effect from player.
#playerstatuses – shows how long until a player should leave the world, or if they should be
logged off already.
#removeknownrecipes [player] [recipeId]
– removes all known recieps from specified player (if just player specified)
OR the specified recipe from all players (if just recipe specified)
OR the specified recipe from the specified player (if both specified).
#removeNamedRecipe [player or recipeId] [“remove”]
– show recipe/player from named list
OR remove entry from named list (if 2nd param is “remove”).
#uniques – shows all unique creatures. Caution prone to lag. TODO
#vespeed [speed] – sets vehicle speed (0-255).
#date [date] – show the date in real date.
#wurmdate [wurmdate] – show the date in wurm calendar format.
#xmaslight – create Christmas light effect at current location.
#dumpcavewater – creates a png image of the cave water types (waterCaveTypes.png)
#dumpcreatures – creates a png image of the map with creatures on it.
#dumpmarkers – creates a png image of the map for markers.
#dumproutes – creates a png image of the map for routes.
#dumpsurfacewater – creates a png image of the surface water types (waterSurfaceTypes.png)
#give [id] [ql] [amount] – gives you an item with the specified parameters. Use id 176 for
ebony wand.
#generateDeadVillage [number] – generates a number of dead villages for archaeology purposes.
A number more than 5 will not return info about the villages, just if it was successful or not.
#toggleca [name] – toggles the community assistant flag for the named player.
#help – this message

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