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Name of the file: Nobodies Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Walkthrough:
Written by dotHacker

Here is Nobodies game walkthrough with full mission solutions & achievements explained.

-=Operation I: Quick Dry=-
1. Take trowel on the ground, left
2. Take sand in the wheelbarrel
3. Take cement bag, towards the back
4. Take keys off the body
5. Take the body
6. Use keys on toolbox
7. Take wrench from toolbox
8. Use wrench on faucet
9. Fill bucket with water
10. Use cement on mixer
11. Use sand on mixer
12. Use bucket of water on mixer
13. Click on mixer to use it, then take cement
14. Use trowel on cement
15. Use body on column (left side). Click again to drop it in
16. Use cement on column
17. Put wrench in toolkit, and close it
18. Use trowel on floor
19. Use bucket on floor

Achievement: Strong Foundation unlocked

-=Operation II: Antwood=-

1. Take pipette on desk
2. Take lab coat on left
3. Head out the door
4. Take coffee
5. Take yellow pipe on right
6. Go back to first room
7. Use pipette on Scopolamine
8. Use pipette on mouse
9. Use pipette again on Scopolamine
10. Use pipette on coffee
11. Give coffee to guard in other room
12. Leave room and come back, guard is asleep
13. Take ID card on left
14. Use ID card on door, enter next room
15. Use pipe on valve
16. Press red button to open tank
17. Go get body
18. While there, use pipette on Desoxy, use on rat, refill pipette
19. Put body in tank, click again to push all the way
20. Close tank, turn valve
21. Use pipette on Feeder
22. In guard room, use ID card on door to lock it
23. Use ID card on guard
24. Put yellow pipe back
25. In starting room, use pipette on desk
26. Return lab coat

Achievement: Scientific Method unlocked
Other Achievements:

* Guinea Pig: Have guard drink doctored coffee, once each for every
* Coffee's for Cleaners: Keep giving the guard regular (not doctored)
coffee. It takes many times.
* Bloody Mess: Use the body on the cages left side of the lab

-=Operation III: Late Checkout=-
1. Close door, take the signs
2. Take bed frame
3. Leave room
4. Use do not disturb on the closest room
5. Use housekeeping sign on farther room
6. Go upstairs
7. Open CCTV box, take pliers
8. Go back to first room
9. Use pliers on cable
10. Go back upstairs to CCTV box
11. Use splitter on cable 5
12. Go to laundry cart
13. Take keys, unlock door on left, put keys back
14. Take sheets
15. Go into formerly locked room
16. Take fuses
17. Use pliers on sink
18. Go to roof
19. Use bed frame on wall
20. Use handle on valve, then use valve
21. Go get body and bloody sheets
22. Use clean sheets on bed
23. Go to formerly locked room
24. Open trash chute, put body & bloody sheets in
25. Close chute
26. Use elevator down
27. Use fuses on switch, then use switch
28. Go to roof
29. Open valve
30. Use pliers on handle
31. Take bed frame
32. Use pliers on CCTV splitter
33. Put pliers back
34. Go downstairs
35. In formerly locked room, put back handle
36. Go to hallway, then close locked room door
37. In starting room, put back splitter & bed frame

Achievement Unlocked: Turndown Service
Other Achievements:

* Terrible Plumber: Put the body in the tank on the roof, then turn on
tap in locked room. You have to do this before you move the handle
to the valve, or you can’t remove it.
* Imperfect Crime: Throw the body out of the window or off the roof

-=Operation IV: Picket Fence=-
1. Click on painting
2. Click on safe
3. Enter 6672
4. Take keys
5. Go to kitchen
6. Take bottle from fridge
7. Open cabinet under sink
8. Take bleach
9. Take rubber gloves on shelf
10. Use keys on door, go outside
11. Take cement
12. Go into garage
13. Take paint
14. Take pliers
15. Take key
16. Move shelf that held key
17. Use pliers on wire
18. Go back to start, use new key on other door
19. Go to basement, take pickaxe
20. Open electrical box, use cable
21. Use rubber gloves on cable
22. Go to pool, use bottle on pool, then use pump
23. Look at pool, use pickaxe on bottom
24. Grab body and put in new hole
25. Use water on cement, then use wet cement on hole
26. Use paint on cement-covered hole
27. Turn on pump
28. Use bleach on blood in kitchen
29. Go get cable from basement
30. Put back pickaxe
31. Lock basement door (in starting room)
32. Go to garage, automatically cable is replaced
33. Put pliers on table
34. Put paint against wall
35. Move back shelf, then put back basement key
36. Leave garage, put cement back on bench
37. Go to kitchen, lock door
38. Put back gloves, bleach, bottle
39. Put keys back in safe and close it

Achievement Unlocked: Good Housekeeping

-=Operation V: Bolt Bucket=-
1. Take hook on body's head
2. Take spray paint
3. Take wood
4. Leave alley
5. Use hook on car, enter it
6. Click left side fuse box, push up all red
7. Push down all blue and green fuses, then press center console white
8. Open glove box, take coins
9. Go take body, put it in the trunk and close it
10. Use spray paint on car
11. Use coins on pay phone
12. Dial the towtruck number on right, 555-5185
13. Read the red sign
14. Take cable, rotten meat from trash
15. Use hook on cable, then use on left wall
16. Click on cable, then lower crane
17. Put meat on crane, then raise the crane
18. Enter junkyard
19. Take screwdriver, use it on airbag
20. Take fire extinguisher
21. Use airbag on grating, then use fire extinguisher on it
22. Enter trailer
23. Take battery
24. Open locked drawer: 6-12-9-12-3-3-12 (move lock to click dial position)
25. Take key from drawer
26. Use battery on forklift, then use forklift
27. This is a sliding block puzzle. The idea is to push the lower cars
against the right wall, and move the upper cars down into a straight
line. This gives you space to push the marked car in a circle
right-up-left-down, then circle back and push it to the crusher. (If
someone wants to contribute a step-by-step, be my guest)
Nobodies: 100% Walkthrough
28. Head to upper left, use the key on the lock. Open door (green
button), then click red button
29. Take the key out of the ignition, return to the graveyard
30. Take battery out of forklift
31. Use screwdriver on airbag, then place both in car
32. Put fire extinguisher back against trailer
33. Put battery back against inside trailer wall
34. Put key into drawer and close it
35. Put grating back on outside trailer window
36. Go back outside, lower the bulldozer, then take the cable and put it
in the trash

Achievement Unlocked: A Perfect Mess
Other Achievements:

* Monster: While the bulldozer is lifted, put the meat on the ground
for the dog, then lower the bulldozer to crush it. This prevents a
perfect clear.
* First responder: Dial 912 on payphone
* Crushin’ It â€" Crush every car in junkyard. It’s as tedious as it
sounds, be careful not to push a car into a dead end or wall,
because you’ll have to start over. This prevents a perfect clear.

-=Operation VI: Cold Fury=-
1. Take shotgun shells
2. Open Locker on left, take pickaxe
3. Enter cabin. Take map on left, machete over fireplace
4. Enter truck. Flip down visor for the key
5. Take wallet and lighter from glovebox
6. Drive to the gas station: L-R-M-M-L-L; You’ll be able to
quick-travel here afterwards.
7. Take the gas container. Use machete on tarp over logs.
8. Use wallet on gas tank
9. Fast travel to cabin, put body in trunk, cover it with tarp
10. Fast travel to gas station. Then go R-M-L-M-R to reach Port
11. Take anchor
12. Use pickaxe on ice
13. Use body with anchor, then on the hole in the ice. Put the shells in too
14. Return gas container to station, tarp to logs
15. Place pickaxe in locker, map on shelf, machete over fireplace
16. Put wallet & lighter in glove box & close it.
17. Take out the key and put it in the overhead visor, and close it.

Achievement Unlocked: Ice-Cold Cleaner
Other Achievements:

* Pyromaniac: Use lighter on gas tank at the station, put wood in the
fireplace, light it, and burn the body, and finally use the gas
container on the cabin and then the lighter to unlock.
* Nature Lover: Not entirely sure what unlocks this. It’s either
reaching dead ends repeatedly, reaching a certain number of
different dead ends, or driving off the top of the map. Needs

-=Operation VII: Private Collection=-
1. Take coin from fountain. Go right
2. Take gator tooth
3. Talk to boy. Choose anything until candy machine option appears.
Select it, then leave.
4. Go left of entrance
5. Use tooth on fusebox. Turn off B1, then go back to entrance
6. Take ID badge from guard, go left.
7. Unlock the door, then go put the ID badge back on guard
8. Enter the new room
9. Take spear
10. Click on safe. Enter ASIMOV (185679). Take keys inside.
11. Take id badge off body. Take body, and leave
12. Use card on left room, then place body on table
13. Take syringe on back counter, and formol upper shelf.
14. Use hose with body. Select machine, choose extract.
15. Take Drum and empty into sink
16. Use formol on empty drum
17. Go back to entrance, then upstairs
18. Use coin on vending machine. Enter D1
19. Use keys on back door. Enter
20. Take uniform, ink cartridges, caveman outfit, card
21. Go back to kid, give chocolate for gum. Go back to body
22. Use gum on body
23. Use syringe on cartridges Y+M
24. Use red syringe on drum, them connect drum to machine. Select insert.
25. Take the body, use caveman clothes on it.
26. Go back upstairs but this time go into the right room.
27. Use body on caveman exhibit. When questioned, choose work order,
McArthy. Use club on body. Go back to embalming room
28. Use caveman on autoclave. Put wax in recycling bin
29. Put formol back, syringe on table. Go back to 2nd floor closet.
30. Place spear on wall, cartridges on table, uniform on rack, card on table
31. Exit room and lock the door. Go back to office
32. Put keys in safe, close it. Exit room
33. Use master badge to lock doors, then use badge on office door
34. Put tooth back on gator

Achievement Unlocked: Exhibitionist

-=Operation VIII: Flight Risk=-
1. Take knife. Exit right
2. Open gate, go right
3. Go left
4. Take grill spatula, use spatula on grill to get coal. Go left.
5. Use coal on car, then go right two screens.
6. This time, enter office door
7. Read checklist on cork board. Put it back.
8. Search jacket for drugs. Put them in coffee mug. Leave.
9. Talk to the man and ask about padlock. It seems his answers change.
In order of top to bottom is the combination for the lock.
10. Open the lock on the red door by the grill
11. Take the plastic wrap, lug wrench, forklift
12. Use forklift on orange cargo, take and use it on orange plane
13. Do the same thing for blue cargo & plane
14. Now go back to body. Use wrench on tire
15. Use wrap on body, then use knife on body
16. Use body on tire. Go back to red cargo.
17. Use forklift on cargo, remove body from tire, then use body on red cargo
18. Put cargo on red plane. Now to fuel each plane:
19. Click ground wire, click on a plane. Click fuel, click on same
plane. Then click Fuel. Do this for each plane.
20. Return ground & fuel hose to machine by clicking on them, then on
the machine.
21. Return wrap, wrench, forklift to cargo room.
22. Return spatula to grill
23. Return tire to tractor

Achievement Unlocked: In Plane Sight
Other Achievements:

* Don't Get High On Your Own Supply: Use drugs twice on the coffee
mug. You can get more by using knife on package in cargo room.

-=Operation IX: Jackrabbit=-
1. Go right. Take jack from trunk, ladder from wall, metal crate from
ground. Enter cabin
2. Take tape, wrench, knife, plumb from fishing rod, rotten apple &
bottle from trash, plastic bag near door. Exit.
3. Open hood, use wrench on car battery. Go right
4. Take can, use can on mud. Go left twice
5. Use jack on fence. Open security box, cut cable with knife. Go back
& take jack. Go left
6. Use knife on gate lock. Use battery on wires. Enter
7. Take lighter, key. Use key on muddy can. Put key back. Exit and go
back inside the cabin.
8. Light the fireplace. Melt the plumb. Use metal on key imprint. Go right.
9. Use bottle on water. Unlock gate and go inside
10. Take stick, combine metal crate and stick, place on ground. Then use
rotten apple on it. Go back and return.
11. Take rat. Use ladder right wall. Use rat on grating. Use wrench on
grating. Go inside.
12. Click on monitor. Use tape. Press record, then press play.
13. Click on cell control. Open Block 4, Cell 2
14. Go down. Take ladder. Go forward. Go up.
15. Take paint, acid. Use ladder to reach grating. Use knife.
16. Go L-M-R-R-R to reach block 4. Enter cell 2
17. Use acid on toilet. Move toilet. Take body, use body on hole. Use
paint on hole. Replace toilet. Leave.
18. Go back to storage room. Replace grating. Put back paint & acid.
Take ladder. Go down.
19. Use wrench on pipe elbow. Take body. Use wrench to put back pipe.
20. Go back to cabin. Put plastic bag on chipper. Use body on chipper.
Take bag, use it on pigs.
21. Put jack in trunk, close it. Put battery in hood, close it. Go back
to monitor room (using ladder).
22. Retrieve tape. Close cell 2. Leave. Take ladder. Leave sewer.
23. Lock sewer door. Go back to cabin
24. Shred tape, shred key. Put back ladder. Enter cabin.
25. Put back wrench and knife. Douse fire with water.

Achievement Unlocked: Done Time

-=Operation X: Bad Medicine=-
1. Go forward. Take cap. Go into leftmost door.
2. Take tape from cabinet. Take wrench near TV.
3. Go back and enter other room. Take bandage right side, and
screwdriver in cabinet. Go back to entrance.
4. Use cap on donation box. Go outside.
5. Use wrench and tape on sign. Go inside, then back outside.
6. Use wrench on sign, remove tape. Go inside.
7. Take key. Take coin and cap. Enter locked room on left side.
8. Take cards on desk. Go right and straight.
9. Use coin on vending machine to get chocolate. Combine with card. Go
to entrance.
10. Use chocolate gift with desk. Surgeon will now be gone.
11. Use computer in office. Enter 1587. Press 2.
12. Enter 7475 0200. Press 1. Take paper. Go to hospital room with 2 guys.
13. Use discharge on bed A. Go get the body.
14. Take the body to the now-empty bed. Use bandages on body. Go back to
15. This time, get to the same menu but enter 7475 3323. Press 1, take
paper. Press 3 to exit session. Then go put that paper on chart on
bed A.
16. In surgical room, use screwdriver on grating, enter morgue.
17. Open lower right drawer, put body inside and close it.
18. Exit to surgical room, replace grating by using screwdriver again.
Use screwdriver outside surgery room to lock it.
19. Put screwdriver in cabinet in room with 2 beds.
20. Put tape and wrench in room that had body originally.
21. Put cap on cooler.
22. Finally, lock office door, and return the key to reception.

Achievement Unlocked: No Scrubs
Other Achievements:

* Hacker: Enter BODY on the computer

-=Operation XI: Cowcatcher=-
1. Take paperclip on floor
2. Talk to woman. Choose what are you reading. Exit conversation. Go down.
3. Use paperclip on men’s bathroom. Take toiletpaper. Go down.
4. Open women’s bathroom. Take toilet paper. Clog toilet with both
papers, and flush. Go up.
5. Find office. Tell woman on left bathroom is flooded. Go back down.
6. Open cabin. Take cap on table, pills & money from backpack. Open
drawer and take luggage. Go all the way up to cart 5.
7. Put luggage against vent. Talk to man. Ask to call crew, AC not
working. Go back to office.
8. Take pen, out of order sign, manifest, keys in drawer. Go back to bar.
9. Buy two vodkas. Use pills on one. Use the other on women’s bathroom
sink and fill with water. Take bleach while you’re there. Go back to
10. Use doctored flask first, then water flash second. Woman will pass
out, take book.
11. Take rag from bartender. Go to cabin 3, passenger room (33-35 sign)
12. Talk to man, ask to borrow book. Then give him the woman’s book.
Take book on table.
13. Use pen on ticket. enter 2-21. Give ticket to old man. Go to men’s
14. Use bleach on rag, clean blood. Take body. Use out of order on men’s
15. Put body in cabin where old man was. Click it to turn it, then use cap.
16. Go to cabin 5, unlock door. Enter, then unlock next door, and enter.
17. Use radio. Say 8702, sector 48. Go down. Train stops.
18. Take rope. Open side door. Tie rope to hook on left. Return to body.
19. Open window, tie rope to body. Reverse your steps to roof and pull
it up.
20. Take body, go up. Use body on tube, tie rope to tube. Use tube with
open door.
21. Lock door 6, close side door, go down and lock door 5.
22. Give rag to bartender
23. Give manifest, pen, bleach to crew.
24. Put back cap, pills, money in backpack. Give book to old man.
25. Throw keys off the train (window/roof/open door)

Achievement Unlocked: Right On Schedule
Other Achievements:

* Drunkard: Drink 3 times (regular vodka) with woman.
* Hint Hater: Never use the beeper for the entire game.
* All Clean: Complete every mission.

Final Achievement: Serial Killer.

List of victims:

* Mission 2: Guard. Poison him
* Mission 5. Dog. Crush under bulldozer
* Mission 6. Police officer. Use shotgun from cabin
* Mission 7. Girl at caveman exhibit. Use spear
* Mission 8. Overdose worker or use knife
* Mission 9. Security guard. Use knife
* Mission 10. Use letter opener from office on receptionist, surgeon,
drivers, surgeon and receptionist outside (after chocolate gift)

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