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Name of the file: Twelve Minutes Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Obtain Coward Achievement:
Written by † peepo

Managed to find how to get the Coward achievement.

Follow the Below Timeline

In order to get this achievement you need to be a certain point into the storyline.

-=Things you need to know=-
* Pocket watch location.
* Coward Loop

-=During this loop follow the below=-
* Grab the knife.
* Talk to your wife and say youre ready for dessert.
* While she gets the present- get a mug fill it with water and add the sleeping
pills into the glass, sleeping pills can be found in the bathroom cabinet.
* While youre in the bathroom with the door closed also get the pocket watch from
the vent.

After your wife sets up the table place the glass on the right hand side of the table,
tell her it is ready and sit on the left hand side. She will drink the water and go
into the bedroom to sleep.

Open the bedroom door and hide in the wardrobe until Cop arrives and let him get shocked.

After he is shocked run into the bedroom and only pick up one pair of ties and use it to
tie the cop.

Make sure you dont take anything else as this will ruin your chances of getting this

When the cop wakes up tell him youre innocent and he will ask to cooperate, agree with
him, after he gets up use your knife to cut his ties open, he will ask about the watch,
say you know where it is, if its in your inventory you will hand it to him and VOILA you
get the achievement after a small storyline, just make sure you obey his command to wait
at the couch.

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