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Name of the file: Vomitoreum Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Save without Save Masons, Cheats and Using the Console:
Written by Khaosgnostic

Vomitoreum is based on the GZDoom engine, so behind the surface of the game many features
of the engine are still existent despite being hidden from the player. This guide will
provide a short overview of some of the features I used in my second and later playthroughs
to make the game easier or even break it.

Many if not all of those features may be considered cheating and may spoil your experience
of the game, so use at your own risk.

-=Saving without Save Masons=-
* Differently from Vomitoreum where you are only supposed to save the game at specific
checkpoints called Save Masons you could save at anytime in other Doom Engine games.
The functionality is still there.

* You can access the Save Game menu by pressing F2 at any time.
* You may choose a Quicksave slot and afterwards quicksave your game at any time by
pressing F6.
* The Quickload key is F9.

-=Accessing the Console=-
The GZDoom console is also accessible, it can be reached by pressing the key to the left
of the "1" key on the alphanumerical block. On english keyboards it's the "~" key, on
german keyboards it's the "^" key.

-=Console commands you can use=-
god - enables Invincibility mode.
noclip - enables No clipping mode, allows walking through walls.
notarget - disables AI, enemies won't wake up.
fly - enables flying mode, fly by jumping.
freeze - freezes time except for the player.
summon [itemname] - summon items.
items - gives a list of items still accessible in the level, the item
name may be used with summon.

Example: "summon Healthupgrade" summons a Health Tank in front of you.

-=Examples for summonable items=-

-=Items & Weapons=-
Embryo - Embryonic Battery.
Healthupgrade - Health Tank (the player can have more than 999 health, it just won't show).
Homocritter1, Homocritter2, Homocritter3 - Different types of Homonculi.
Gauntletpickup - Bunker Gauntlet.
bunkpickup - Bunkhammer.
pistolpickup - Colt Pistol.
Shottypickup - Trench Gun.
Sawedoffpickup - Sawed-Off.
machinegunpickup - Machine Gun.
MortisBowpickup - Mortis Bow (secret weapon, has no pickup model).
ANNIHILATOR - Eldritch Annihilator (secret weapon, has no pickup model).
Blunderpickup - Blunderbuss
Superheal - Health item dropped by Save Masons on activation, fills all cells at once.

(getting these out of progression may break the game)

Fetalsoul - Fetal Soul.
Dashboots - Dash Boots.
Doublejump - Double Jump.
Homonculus - Light Homonculus.
Crimsonbullet - Crimson Mod.
Petrifybullet - Petrification Mod.
Acidsuit - Acid Suit.
Sinarmor - Sin Armor (cut from game, not sure what it does).

-=Quest items=-
(getting these out of progression may break the game)

Ore - Pristine Ore.
Eveinfant - Infant Form of Eve.
Skykeypickup - Airship Key.

-=In-Game Cheats=-
The cheats known from other Doom engine games also work. These can easily be googled,
examples are IDDQD for Invincibility mode, IDNOCLIP for No Clipping mode or IDDT to
reveal the automap. Just enter these ingame (IDDT needs to be entered in the automap).

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