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Submitted by: David K.

How to Solve The Radio Tower Puzzle:
Written by Rotorist

Spoiler alert: please only read this guide if you have tried and couldn't
solve the puzzle.

The main task in Station 11 is to repair the radio repeater tower, so that Roman
can find out the general location of the missing hunting group. The radio tower
control is located in Station 11 inside a small house near the entrance. It's
powered by a power generator outside the house, but it requires 3 units of

After turning on the generator, there are three containers on the radio control:
a fuse box, and two resistor boxes. So you will need to put a fuse in the
fusebox and a resistor in each resistor box.

Next to the house there's a large warehouse with electrified orbs floating
around. On the wall of the warehouse near the metal shipping container there's
another fusebox, and you can find the fuse inside. There's a dead body in the
middle of the warehouse, and you can find a key to the locker room of the
warehouse, as well as a note showing the formula for calculating the required
resistors (R = V/I). In the locker room you can find the resistors inside a
filing cabinet, with different specs - 100 ohm, 200 ohm, 250 ohm, etc.

After you have the fuse and resistors, first read the description of the fusebox,
which says it needs a fuse that can handle max 1.6A of current. The fuse you
found in the warehouse says it can handle 1.6A of current, and 800V of voltage.
Place the fuse in the fusebox of the radio tower control. For the resistors,
since R = V/I, so 800V divided by 1.6A is 500 Ohm. You just need to put any
resistors in the resistor boxes so that their ohm rating add up to 500 ohm.
The only way is do this is to put a 200 ohm resistor in one box, and a 300
ohm one in the other (order doesn't matter). Then pull the radio control
switch to power it on.

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