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Name of the file: Sakura Forest Girls 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ultimate Walkthrough & Achievement Guide:
Written by lylat

How to Complete Walkthrough and Obtain All Achievements

A Mysterious Stranger

Run into someone in the river

-=Princess Arie=-
Meet Princess Arie
Yes, you're super cute!
Aiyana's Awkward Night
Witness Aiyana's Shy Moment
Aiyana, for being hugged by you!
Let me serve you, your highness

-=Feed Arie=-
I'd like to be your friend
Embraced from Behind
Let Maia show her appreciation
Caught You
Let Yaya take a hold
Beneath the Starlight
Find Arie at night
Of course not! We're friends, after all.
Tell her you'll think about it.

-=Gentle Kiss=-
Receive the gentlest of kisses
Magic in the Air
Witness Yaya's magic

Save 1
Stay in the village with Arie

Happily Ever After
A royal confession

Load 1
I need to keep searching for Koko

-=Falling Rain=-
Watch Maia's performance

Maia confronts Imala
A Sticky Situation
Get caught in a dungeon

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