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Name of the file: Little Witch Nobeta Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Get Past The Fire Stone Puzzle (Area #2):
Written by Desudesu

-=Puzzle Solution=-
In the second area of the game, there's a puzzle with 3 regenerating fire stones
that you have to kill at the same time with the ice spell.

The problem is, the game's tutorials are a bit lacking and they don't explain to
you anywhere exactly how to do this. It says you can "lock-on" but locking on with
your normal lock-on button doesn't work with the charged version of the ice spell.

You have to MANUALLY aim at targets after building up a full charge, and it will
just stick a "lock-on" cursor over each target, then you can press the "shoot"
button to start the barrages.

* Equip the Ice spell.
* Build up a full charge.
* Use the MANUAL AIM button (NOT your normal lock-on button) and hover over each
of the 3 fire stones (releasing the aim button won't lose the targets).
* Press the SHOOT button before the charge depletes (you can be standing anywhere,
it doesn't matter).
* Barrier goes down, ez. continue your adventure and have fun.

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