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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Team Synergy Tips for Different Hero Pairs:
Written by Dabor

Merely some things to look out for for your first games – looking to give players
some ideas on picking up cards early on that they’ll be likely to capitalize on later.
Although keep in mind some synergies will get a lot better with unlocked cards by
playing a hero multiple times.
(If you disagree with my names for the ships team comps, 2v2 me scrub.)

* Sorocco has some big power buffs, while Sharra has a lot of cheap spammable attacks
(daggers) or just multi-hit cards.
* They both want to be in front, allowing you to either lean into one of their strengths,
or just take advantage of the frequent swapping to trigger various Sharra traits/allies.
* Sharra’s dagger spam can synergize with Sorocco cards that scale to the amount of cards
played – and her energy gain can enable Sorocco cards that scale to current energy, too.

* Aurora probably focuses block, since you’ve got the two squishiest heroes and really
don’t want to die. On the bright side, this’ll combine with Sharra’s Charge cards to
trigger swap synergy a ton.
* Daggers increase hand size AND dissolve, allowing you to scale/trigger a lot of Aurora’s
strongest cards.
* Sharra adds energy easily, while Aurora can draw a lot, with the two together easily
setting up big turns.
* Sharra has low-spirit high-power scaling allies, and Aurora has some pretty yummy spirit
boosts. Aurora is also pretty high on cheap utility minions to trigger Sharra’s scaling-
to-ally-count stuff.

* Seifer has strong AoE, something Sharra lacks. Both love spamming out hits, though,
meaning power buffs will be at their strongest.
* Seifer loves his aggressive allies, and Sharra has a few herself – and Seifer does have
some ways to boost the Spirit of Sharra’s high-value scaling-effect allies, some of which
are aggressive as well.
* Both have strong cards focused on hitting the front spot just letting you lean into brute
forcing down whatever big scary guy is out in front.
* Sharra has some Ranged utility cards while Seifer has a fair amount of Melee, allowing you
to have their special requirements line up for big defensive turns with Sharra biding her
time behind Ragerat.

* Seifer’s effects triggered by himself or an ally taking damage are naturally at their
strongest when combining the two highest-HP heroes, allowing you to straight up brute force
bosses as long as you show up with enough HP.
* Sorocco loves seeing high-cost cards played, and Seifer has plenty, including some that,
at least when enraged, refund some of their cost.
* Aside from a few Melee cards, Seifer rarely cares much about which position he’s in
allowing Sorocco to stay out front and keep blocking. This allows you to focus on a
simple tank-and-spank with Seifer receiving all the offensive buffs, and their sheer
combined bulk pushing through.
* Seifer’s ability to boost allied Spirit large amounts has a few good targets amidst
Sorocco’s allies, but those targets that are good can easily be single-handedly game-winning.

* Frogs are already rather spirited combatants, and so naturally combining Aurora with the
OTHER spirit-boosting hero lets you go absolutely crazy with them.
* Combining the two least position-dependent heroes already offers appealing fluidity, but
if you do end up having them stick to certain spots, Seifer prefers Melee and Aurora Ranged,
meaning you’ll almost never feel locked out of options.
* The most heal-happy pair ends up a bit fragile in terms of crumbling to brute force if they
depend more on healing than blocking, but this opens up a lot of options for damage-taking
synergy as well as bouncing back from setbacks. This also allows Seifer early on to just
let Aurora tank for him so you can brute force down an Elite with 60 HP worth of Rage
“banked up.”
* Or you can not worry about allies and just be really good at hitting things with a big
sharp metal thing – Aurora buffs power, and even further buffs single cards that throw out
bursts of damage, and man does Seifer like his bursts of damage.
* Aurora’s ability to put cards back on top of the deck is actually pretty nice for planning
out very high-powered turns with rage-empowered cards.

* Aurora handing out widespread small spirit boosts partners its best with Sorocco’s numerous
high-cost low-spirit value allies.
* The combination of both power-buffing heroes lets you lean into either of their rare-but-
high-potential multi-hitting finisher cards. Hailstorms and Mortars: two great tastes that
taste great together.
* Both scale to cards played/held and both have a stackable token card that partners well with
the other’s stackable token card in putting together massive bursty turns.
* Sorocco is even more energy-happy than Sharra and Aurora still loves her card draw. A lot of
resources plus a lot to spend them on is never a bad thing.

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