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Name of the file: Lost Ruins Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Farm Gold in Early Game:
Credit to Freyr

For Lost Ruins players, just follow this quick guide and I’ll teach you how
to farm some nifty items and get whatever you want!

-=What You Need=-
* Swimsuit
* Spark or Wands
* Water Bottles
* Zweihander

If you’ve beaten the first boss, you can progress a little bit until you get the
goblin’s key. Use that on the nearby room to your right and we can make the run
a lot more efficient:

* Amulet of Poison + Purifier
* Plunger <–
* Zweihander

If you don’t have the Zweihander, you can grab one early on when you first drop
below the camp. I highly recommend it, it will make this incredibly mindless.

If you don’t have the Amulet of Poison, you can use your Earth Wand on the room
just on our left here to open the door. Beware of hot spider babes.

-=The Run=-
Lost Ruins How to Farm Gold in Early Game
We will begin our run here in the sewer entrance, right before ghost girl. Our
first room has crates with food/dynamite and some slimes (poison items). Shock
the water twice w/ swimsuit to kill the slimes with 0 risk, collect your loot and
continue to the next room…. Alternatively, use our purifier/amulet of poison combo
with a plunger to poison all the slimes at no cost. Collect your loot and continue
to the next room.
If you go right you can farm mushrooms for vegetables as well as more slimes, but
the trek back is tedious. For this run, go up the elevator and head left.

Clear the zombies in here with the Zweihander. If you time it right, your weapon
will out reach anything that attacks you. Walk forth and claim your loot.
(water bottles/ointments, high drop rate).

Now we’re back to the ghost girl’s room. Trek back to the portal room above.
By entering the above part of this section, you pass a trigger that respawns all
the enemies and crates you just destroyed.
For whatever reason, the jar never respawns in this room via this method.

Bonus Go right from here, kill the one zombie girl/crate. Leave.

Repeat this process as much as you want. Shock runs will have to mooch some MP
from water bottles, so only collect what you need until you can get that plunger.

You can do it however you like, but this method guarantees your safety.
Be wary of slimes.

All the loot can be sold for way more gold than farming the rare 3~5 gold.

* Water Bottles – 16 Gold
* Ointment – 20 Gold
* Poison Bottle – 24 Gold
* Throwing Poison Bottle – 12 Gold
* ....and more.

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