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Name of the file: Super Mecha Champions Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Beginners:
Credit to Buttons

-=Deformed cars=-
Deformed cars can be used in many ways, from traveling quickly to acting like a
smoke screen. Let us say you found your self one of these and are in a fight with
someone, well if you are quick enough with the transformation and the boost button
you can activate a small smoke screen around your self, sadly it still shows the
glass texture through the smoke so this is really only useful for hiding allies
around you, the tutorial teaches you these things are good for traveling and that
is true, nothing really to add to that.

How to counter a deformed car? Well let’s say you are in close quarters with it
well there is a trick that many people don’t know, two weapons can almost insta
kill the person using the deformed car. Cryo guns and flame throwers, of course
once past gold people know this and will avoid you if you got a flamethrower, so
try not to show it and only show it once they are close enough to blast them
Another way to counter these things is if you use anti-mech weapons but that is
rather common sense.

The game tutorial shows you most about these but there is a warning if you use
them. Aiming down sights and reloading makes you an even slower target then if
you were off of the board so it is not a good idea to use these mid combat and
only to use them for traveling or dodging

-=Fun fact’s=-
The cryoguns actually will slow down a mech, so if your team is in trouble and
you want to go out with a bang, run up to the mech with your cryo guns and
basically freeze it in place.

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