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Name of the file: Team Sonic Racing Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Multiplayer Tips & Tricks:
* At the start of any race, try to do a level 3 start boost, simply by timing
well the input of your acceleration every time a number appears. But the
timing is super precise, it’s okay to mess up.

* Usually when a race starts, let one of your teammates get ahead of you. You
can then execute slingshots and skim boosts, therefore boosting the overall
speed of your team.

* Whenever you get an item box, don’t hesitate to give them to your teammates.
This will multiply the number of wisps from 1 to 3, extremely useful with
orange or crimson wisps.

* Try to do stunts. Be confident, your team is here to support you, so you can
recover quickly if you failed your stunt.

* Technique characters are a good choice of characters for beginners, they have
a nice handling and can cut through off-road. If you don’t really know the track
layout, take these.

* 1 Speed, 1 Technique and 1 Power is the optimal layout. It may sound ridiculous
to say, but most people forget about this. Your team is chosen when you enter
a lobby, and your teammates have the same color as you, so adapt to their
character choice if possible.

* Play in singleplayer if you’re not confident enough. The AI is quite good, and
you could probably get a better hand on the game with hard/expert mode. Don’t
play normal tho, it’s a waste of time.

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