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Name of the file: Swag and Sorcery Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Progress / Gold Farm:
Written by Sacrificer2k

The Guide is for everyone past the first forest. Easy Safe farm with close to
no chance of failing.

-=What you get=-
With this guide you will be able to farm about 30-40k gold every 15 minutes without
the risk of death.

-=Getting Tanky=-
First of all you want to get your items that makes you nearly invincible.

You have to finish the "magical forest" (first capture), including the quest that you
are able to enter the second two maps ("Battlefield" and "Dark Ruins").

Within this two maps your can farm "Dark Skin" and "Parasitoid Wasp Stinger". These
materials are used for the Armor (Legs) "Skin and Leather".

You want this Item to have a "Regeneration" value of 90%+.

This will makes you regenerate the amount of life (% value) of the dmg you took since
the last time you attacked with that champion.

The goal is to get a value as close as possible to 100% (100% is perfect) to make you
regenerate all of your lost HP.

The only weakness you have is get ONE-shotted / TWO-shotted( in case you skipped a turn).
Otherwise you will regenerate your life easily.

To make sure that you are not gatting ONE-shotted craft stamina items (Money Jinx) to
boost your defensive rate and HP or push your levels for this site stats.

-=Gold Farm Gear=-
After you got your survivability with the "Skin and Leather" Legs you want to make
your charakter able to farm as much gold as possible.

To do this you need to have the following maps unlocked:
* Hot Spring
* Swamp
* Underground City

To get this there are three items (weapon, head and chest)

First Item is the weapon "Massive Shotgun".

You can craft this with 12 "Maple Plank", 12 "Titanium Ingot" and 8 "Gall Shell"
at the "Hunting Lodge".

"Maple Plank" you can craft via "Maple Logs" from the maps "Hot Springs" and "Swamp".

"Titanium Ingot" you can craft via "Titanium" from the maps "Hot Springs and
"Underground City".

"Gall Shell's" you can get from crafting at "Laboratory" from combine "Shell"
(farmed on map "Swamp") and "Stomach Jelly" (farmed on map "Swamp").

The Gold per Hit value should be above 80+

Second Items you want to craft is the "Space Armor"

You can craft this with 1 "Morph Leather" and 10 "Stomach Jelly" at the
"Hunting Lodge".

"Morph Leather" you can craft from "Morph Skin" from the Maps "Hot Springs"
and "Underground City".

"Stomach Jelly" you can get from the map "Swamp".

The third item is "Wolf Hat"

You can craft this with 3 "Leather of Disguises" and 3 "Solid Root" at the "Hunting Lodge"

"Leather of Disguises" you can craft via "Morph Leather" from the maps "Hot Springs and
"Underground City" and "Black Bile" from the map "Hot Springs"

"Solid Root" you can farm on the map "Hot Springs".

For all the three Items (Wolf Hat, Space Armor and Massive Shotgun) you want to have
the maximum amount of GOLD PER HIT.

If you got your defensive Items (Skin and Leather and Money Jinx) combined with your
Gold farm Items (Wolf Hat, Space Armor and Massive Shotgun") you should be able to farm
farm about 3000 Gold per run, per group (depending on your gold per hit).

If you feel like you need more power to progress because the boss enemy's are killing
you feel free to exchange to gold farm gear to whatever you like.

The pants will keep you alive in 95% of the cases if you got a decent roll (95%+) and
if you are not a ONE-shot to any enemy.

After you get a HP total from about 900+ and a "Skin and Leather" Pants with roll of
99%/100% you are most likely invincible.

With increasing "Never-ending Adventure" (100+) you want your characters to be level
60+ be able to get further without any problems. and not putting down your gold farm

Useful Tips & Tricks:
You can only have 4 quests active at a time, so make sure you are actively working on
getting rid of them asap, so you have room for the quests that will pop up to grant your
heroes their feats.

Some quests need a specific quality to be crafted… This is not intuitive and also not
mentioned in the quest tooltip.

When it comes to recipes, you can buy them from the S&S shop or find them in adventures
(recommended), all recipes that are linked to quests can be rng found.

Aside from leveling your heroes you can also train them, this is relatively more expensive
but it’s extra stats and you can pick which one(s) you want to increase, so it might help
their crafting or might be a way so they can use a specific item as sometimes the
requirements are a bit wonky.

Regarding the item called: Skin and leather… It’s so OP it will completely trivialize
the game so use at own risk (depending on your gamer personality this will either make
or break your game experience). That being said, make sure you have 8 of them with 90%+
rolls and you will be unkillable (at least for a very long time… pretty sure boredom will
happen before something is able to kill you).

Focus on having gearsets with a lot of raw (main) stats as crafting is linked to a specific
stat. Str = smith, Agi = lodge, Int = Magic store and Sta = labratory. Higher mainstat
allows for quality procs or multiplier procs to happen.

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