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Name of the file: Wolfpack Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The radio direction finder:
A radio direction finder is a device used for finding the direction of a radio
source. The type VII U-boat uses a circular antenna located on the bridge of
the U-boat, which can be rotated in order to determine the direction of the
radio source. The diameter of the circle is the same as the length of the
typical short radio wave. This means that when a radio wave hits the antenna
from the side, it picks up the wave just like a normal aerial, but if the
antenna is rotated so that it faces the source, both sides of the antenna are
hit at the same time, causing phase cancellation and silence.

The direction finder controls are located on the desk next to the enigma
machine. Use the band knob to choose which band you want to scan. Use the
frequency dial to scan through the band. Adjust the volume using the volume
dial. Use the compass plate mounted on the desk in front of the direction
finder to rotate the antenna. When the signal becomes silent, the antenna
is aligned with the wave. Remember that, since the antenna is symmetrical,
the source may be at the 0, or at the 180 degree mark.

Hosting a game:
1. In the main menu, press Play.
2. Choose lobby visibility using the dropdown menu below the New Lobby button.
3. Press the New Lobby button.
4. Use the sliders to set, month, year, and difficulty. Later during the war,
convoys get bigger and more well defended. On higher difficulty levels the
level objectives are harder to complete and there are more escort ships.
5. To invite people to your game, press the invite button in the friends
menu. Friends can also be invited when the game has been started, by pressing
i when playing, invited via Steams friends interface, by pressing shift+tab.
6. To start the game, press start game. Other players may join the game after
it has started.

The Deck & The Anti Aircraft Gun:
The deck gun is located on the forward deck. You can reach the forward deck
by climbing down the right or left ladder from the bridge. Left click to equip
it. Use the A and D keys, or the mouse to rotate left and right. Use the W and
S keys, or the scroll wheel to set the target distance. Setting the target
distance allows you to aim straight at the target and hit it without over or

The anti aircraft gun is located in the crow’s nest on the bridge. Left click
to equip it. Use space, or the left mouse button to fire. Right click to stop
using it. The AA gun projectiles use ballistic trajectories and have a travel
time, so you need to aim slightly higher, and lead the target in order to hit.

The Torpedo Data Computer:
The torpedo data computer is located in the conning tower.

* Target speed. Set the estimated speed of the ship you are targeting.
* Torpedo depth. Set the torpedoes running depth.
* Range. Set the estimated distance to the target ship.
* Angle on bow. Set the direction in which the ship is traveling relative
to your viewpoint.
* Length. Set the estimated length of the target ship.
* Torpedo status display. The lights indicates if the corresponding a torpedo
tube is ready for launch.
* Angle tracking device. Select your aiming device by turning the handle.
* Torpedo tube selection. Turn the handle to select your desired torpedo
tube for launch.
* Salvo shot selection. Choose which torpedo tubes to use in a salvo shot.
* Timer. The timer displays the torpedoes estimated travel time.
* Error light. If the lamp turns red, the entered firing solution is invalid.

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