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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Also known as: "eFootball PES 2020"

MYCLUB Tips & Tricks:
* Save your coins! Use them to get weekly Featured Players/Teams or to unlock a Top
Manager at the beginning. For Contract Renewals and spinning Agents always use GP
(unless you’re fine with injecting real money into the game).

* When you’re just getting started, play the Online Challenge Cup “First Trial”
competition first, where each of your first 5 games will give you a boost of 10.000 GP
(50.000 GP in total).

* If you’re playing a Ranked Match (SIM) to farm GP, immediately toggle “Match Data”
to skip the game’s cut scenes. Matches will end quicker.

* When training players, keep in mind that trainers that reached levels multiple of
10 (level 10/20/30/40/…) will give more base EXP.

* If you have 3 exact same players, you can trade for any other player of the same
Ball Type, level 1 (Legends do not apply). They all need to be the same version, ie,
this won’t work if you have a Featured version of a player and 2 regular versions.

* Players who get a better match rating will get more EXP – and those are usually
the ones that score goals. If you want to develop your CBs, consider using them as
strikers in easy VS COM games for more EXP after each match.

* Top Managers are locked with coins at the beginning – as you play more and more
matches (including SIMs), they will gradually become unlocked with GP. 400 games
should unlock all managers in myClub.

* You can use Management Skill Boost items to increase your Manager’s Management
skills (so that more skilled players can play in your team at the same time).

* Not every Collector’s Box has the same odds of giving you a Black Ball. Some weeks
you’re better off saving GP.

* Try to login every day for free rewards – if possible, play one game a day to get
your “First Victory of the Day” (3.000 GP). This will work even in an easy VS COM

* Make sure you combine scouts to increase your chances of getting the players you

* Have a look at 50% chance scout combinations as well. Every now and then you will
notice you have the other player – meaning that a 50% chance is actually 100%, since
you can’t get duplicate players with scouts!

* Use cheap players as much as possible (eg: easy VS COM games). Save your superstars
for the important matches.

* Don’t underestimate young players’ potential. Some silvers can actually reach 90+
OVR when maxed out.

* Use your Contract Renewal Tickets on your most expensive players.

* Make sure you lock your favorite players so that you don’t accidentally convert
them into trainers. To do so, visit the CLUB HOUSE / myClub MEMBERS screen and
press the “Player Menu” button for the “Lock” feature.

* To save Stamina Recovery Items, you can rest your main team by switching to a SIM
game with your white balls every 2 or 3 games.

* You can save multiple squads to easily toggle between your 3-star, 5-star and SIM
teams. To do so, simply press the “Squad List” button in the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD

* To check your players’ in-game stats (such as appearances, goals, assists, average
ratings) go to the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, pick a player and press

* Make sure your strongest team is the team assigned for Cloud Matches. This will be
the team other players will face in SIM matches, and you will earn free GP once a
week. The amount of GP will depend on your team’s performance.

* Pay attention to Player Form: as your team grows bigger, try to pick only players
that are on A and B-form, and in weeks where every player is on C-form, have a look
at the “Form” attribute of each player.

* You can save some GP by renewing a player’s contract while he is still developing.
When you scout a player that you’re sure you will be using often, I would suggest
you immediately renew his contract while he is still level 1.

Real Team Names:
Here’s a guide to the real team names in eFootball PES 2020.

-=English League=-
East Dorsetshire – AFC Bournemouth
East Sussex – Brighton and Hove Albion
Lancashire Claret – Burnley
South Wales – Cardiff City
London FC – Chelsea
South Norwood – Crystal Palace
Merseyside Blue – Everton
West London White – Fulham
West Yorkshire Town – Huddersfield Town
East Midlands – Leicester City
Man Blue – Manchester City
Man Red – Manchester United
Tyneside – Newcastle United
Hampshire Red – Southampton
North East London – Tottenham Hotspur
Hertfordshire – Watford
East London – West Ham
WM Gold – Wolverhampton Wanderers

-=English 2nd Division=-
West Midlands Village – Aston Villa
West Midlands City – Birmingham City
Lancashire Blue – Blackburn Rovers
NW White Black – Bolton Wanderers
Hounslow – Brentford FC
SW Red – Bristol City
Derbyshire – Derby County
Yorkshire Orange – Hull City
East Anglia Town – Ipswich Town
Yorkshire Whites – Leeds United
Teesside – Middlesbrough
GL Blue White – Millwall
Norfolk City – Norwich City
Notts Reds – Nottingham Forest
LN White – Preston North End
North West London – Queens Park Rangers
Berkshire Blues – Reading
Yorkshire Reds – Rotherham United
YH Red Black – Sheffield United
South Yorkshire Blues – Sheffield Wednesday
ST Red – Stoke City
West Glamorgan City – Swansea City
West Midlands Stripes – West Bromwich Albion
LN Azure Blue White – Wigan Athletic

-=Lega Italia=-
PM Black White – Juventus
Sansagiulo – Sassuolo

-=Spanish League=-
PV Sky Blue White – Deportivo Alaves
PV White Red – Athletic Bilbao
GA Cyan – Celta Vigo
PV Blue Red – Eibar
CT Blue White – Espanyol
MD Cobalt Blue – Getafe
CT Carmine White – Girona
AR Burgundy Blue – Huesca
MD Blue White – Leganes
ED Blue Burgundy – Levante
MD Scarlet White – Rayo Vallecano
AN Green White – Real Betis
MD White – Real Madrid
PV Blue White – Real Sociedad
AN White Red – Sevilla
CL Purple – Valladolid
ED White Orange – Valencia
ED Yellow – Villarreal

How to Use Teammate Pressure:
You can actually control your teammates in BAL by utilising the teammate pressure
button. It’s activated by tapping or double-tapping and then holding the Square/X
button, which forces one or multiple players to pressure the ball respectively.
It’s a great way of regaining possession when pushing for a goal, but use it
sparingly, as it tends to pull players out of position and create gaps for the
opposition to exploit.

How to Use Manual Shooting:
Some PES veterans like to play using manual controls for their added freedom, but
these are hard to grasp, requiring delicate mastery of the analogue stick. Fortunately,
you can get the best of both worlds by holding the L2 (LT on Xbox) button to force
manual controls. Though we suggest using this sparingly, it’s perfect for situations
in which you’re facing an open goal, for example, as it allows for more command over
the situation and helps prevent embarrassing misses.

How Scripting Works:
Written by J4MESOX4D

This is a brief guide outlining what scripting is in PES 2020 and how it can impact
matches online and offline against the AI.

-=What is Scripting?=-
Scripting is a controversial underlying aspect present in a minority of videogames where
gameplay is secretly manipulated by the backend code of the software that drastically
impacts the user experience regardless of their efforts. There has been substantial
evidence provided that such factors exist in brands like PES and FIFA although it is
unlikely to ever be conclusively proven without full disclosure from the developers.

Scripting is largely used to either manipulate users into spending real money in-game or
it exists as a form of artificial difficulty to perhaps cover up a lack of strong AI.

-=How Do I Spot Scripting?
Scripting can manifest online and offline in PES 2020 but it is absolutely notorious
when facing the AI on the Superstar and Legendary Difficulties particularly if you are
playing with weaker sides. This likely exists to compensate for below-par AI but it can
leave users feeling annoyed and it makes matches look incredibly untidy. You may notice
certain inconsistencies or bizarre occurrences that leave you frustrated and confused -
a lot of these are simply down to the scripting and not your personal performance or
bad luck.

There is also suggestions that weaker AI teams are scaled up regardless of stats when
facing better sides so if you are facing San Marino as France, you may be in for a
tougher match than statistics would suggest! Here is a few common things to look out
for which can be attributed to scripting:-

-=Wayward Passing
Sometimes you'll struggle to complete basic passes - a 6 yard pass being under-hit, a
25 yard one going way too far or a simple pass going way off the intended target to
be collected by the AI.

-=Woeful Through-Balls
Through-balls are an essential way of breaking down tough defences and getting pacy
attackers behind the back-line but you'll notice more often that not, your perfectly
timed button presses see the ball go nowhere near your intended target - sometimes
straight to the keeper or easily to the first defender.

-=Tame Full-Power Shots
Lionel Messi through one-on-one and powers up a shot from 12 yards only to see his
effort trickle towards the keeper. Granted, you can blast shots quite comfortably from
outside the box that the keeper will likely parry but when it comes to easy chances,
even the top strikers can be held back by some questionable instances.

-=Unresponsive Player-Switching
Player switching needs to be responsive, fluid and snappy particularly on a game where
the AI has full control over all players. Sadly in PES 2020 just like its predecessor;
you will be battling the infuriating player-switching as well as your opponent. The AI
can move the ball around comfortably and right into the heart of your defence, yet you
will struggle to select an appropriate player during the build-up and in some cases,
you can't even select a player which can result in the AI having an uncontested shot.

-=Player Speed/strength Inconsistencies
You may notice a rapid striker with outstanding speed attributes get outpaced by a 35+
year old defender or how a massive powerhouse like Romelu Lukaku can get bullied off
the ball by a tiny defender. The scripting is in full force with farces like this where
even stats mean nothing.

-=AI Winning Everything
Sometimes you will have a torrid run where the AI wins every 50/50 and picks up every
loose ball. Bad RNG? Nope, that's intended scripting.

-=Players Stopping
Ever been on the attack and played a nice sweeping ball into the path of your player
but they just stop for no reason and the move breaks down? This is another common
factor yet the AI does not experience this handicap.

-=Missed Challenges
Slide tackling or block tackling is an effective way of nabbing the ball or stopping
an attack but more often than not, you may find yourself missing tackles altogether
and the AI evading whilst retaining the ball. Even though your timing and execution
was perfect, you still weren't rewarded.

-=Last Minute Goals
I am willing to be that 99.9% of players have conceded more last minute goals than
they have scored but more often than not, if a game is drifting into the last few
minutes and the AI has a dangerous attack or corner, they are likely to score
especially if the game is tied or the player is winning by the odd-goal.

These are just a few examples of how scripting can affect games. The artificial nature
of how the AI performs technically and visually just shows how crippled the launch
build is of PES 2020 from a gameplay standpoint.

-=How Can I Combat Scripting?=-
Unfortunately there is no way to get on top of the scripting - it will exist in the game
until it is heavily downscaled or patched out altogether. The biggest surprise to users
was the fact that scripting was not present in the demo but the full release seems mimic
that of the final build of PES 2019 where matches were dominated by scripting accusations.

Having played the demo and the first build of 2020, the difference is monumental and it
just shows how prominent the problems associated with this are. I cannot fathom why
Konami has done this especially when the demo was so well received for all its

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