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Name of the file: Lucie Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough Guide (Step-by-Step):
Written by Madihatter

This guide can help you if you need help with any of the puzzles.

-=Step by Step Guide=-
Exit your room and reenter it to find a date on the wall.
This date will be important later.

Starting from the first save point, go into the corridor on the left.
Once there, there will be two rooms, a dining room and storage, and a passage
leading down.

First go to storage and talk to the skeleton. They will give you your first task.

You must open the box to the left with a passcode. the passcode can be found
in the dining room on one of the barrels to the right. 1234.

The box contains fake apples. you must trade it for a real apple in the dining

After offering the apple to the skeleton the door leading down will unlock.

The next area also has two rooms. the left is the library and the right is a
doll room. You have to figure out which doll has the key in a game of lies.
The blue doll has the key.

After getting the key, go to the library (if you want to find another dreamers
note follow the dolls through the e hole in the wall). You will be transported
to a colorless world. On the small stool with books is a paintbrush. Dip it
in the gold paint and pain the lever and the door. Then dip it in the red paint
and paint the suit of armor. (for another dreamers note paint the back door
red.) Have the armor break the box next to it, push the logs out of the way,
and break the glass for the blue paint.
Paint the box lever red and the last lever blue.

Paint the last door blue and pull the levers in order to unlock the blue door.

You have to send the armor through the door first to avoid death.

You are taken back to the library and can now enter the door from before.

Once again your in a long corridor with to rooms. The first room is filled
with poison and you are timed to find what you need. Don’t worry if you run
out of time you can exit and reenter to rest the clock.

The shovel is on the left and the clues for the next puzzle are in the book
on the right.

Go to the second room to find four colored vases and a lever. You have to go out
to the graveyard and get the other two flowers. To the right of the graves is a
white tent that hold another dreamers note. The angel holds the purple and the
scarecrow has the orange. The scarecrow is past the tent.

Put the flowers in the colored vases that match and organize the vases to fit the
clue from the book in the other room. Purple, yellow, orange, white.

Pull the lever and escape through the fireplace.

Now in the attic there are two rooms a hallway that is blocked and a hallway that
leads to another room and a drop off. You must go to the room on the right in the
first hallway and talk to the dolls. Obtain the screwdrivers and use them on the
doll in the back to get batteries. Use both screwdrivers on the back.

Go to the hallway on the right and enter the first room. Put the batteries in the
lamp to obtain a butterfly. Put the butterfly in the spiderweb on the floor outside
the room. A spider will cross the hole in the floor and leave a rope for you to cross.

Enter the back room and push the stool all the way to the back. There will be gasoline
in the boxes and a lighter on the top shelf. Use the stool to get the lighter.
After getting down you must escape the evil doll chasing you.

Once you are back in the original hallway use the gasoline and lighter to burn away
the spiderweb.

I recommend saving after burning the web.

Now you are faced with a locked sparkly door and a hallway to the right.
Go down the hallway to find a note, a cage and another room.

For good end, unlock the cage with the date written on the wall at the beginning.
For bad end don’t unlock the cage.

Enter the room to find the last room key in a box next to the doll. (A forced
save will start here) as you leave the door will lock and you will be chased by
a ghost. Timing is everything during this chase. Quickly run to the sword on the
wall and take one. Run around the room to the door and break it open with the
sword. In the hallway you must then dodge all of your attackers from the rest of
the game as you run it the sparkly door. Enter the door for the end cutscene.

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