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Name of the file: Puyo Puyo Tetris Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Instantly Unlock Everything:
Written by BOBdotEXE

Already played the game on console, and just want to jump in and play?
Unlock all the characters, modes, voices, etc!
Note: This is a permanent unlock!

On the Title screen... (not the main menu).

-=Using an Xbox 360 style controller=-
Hold LB/RB and press the following buttons:
(Up) + (Down) + (Right) + (Left) + X + X + Y + Y

-=Using a Playstation controller=-
Hold L1/R1 and press the following buttons:
(Up), (Down), (Right), (Left), (Triangle), (X), (Square), (Square).

You should hear a chime. And everything will be unlocked!

Just to be safe, you may want to go into the settings, and simply click
'save change' on any page.

(For example, set your region, or change your puyo style).
This will make sure the game saves.

How to Beat a T Spin God:
Written by General Winter

Learn how to improve your tetris skills!

-=Disable Hold (and Preferably Hard Drop as Well)=-
As it turns out, most of the "new" tetris kids never grew up with arcade style
tetris like us older folks; the biggest differences outside the lack of hold
and hard drop is that T spins don't exist.

With that said you can't disable T spin in online matches so following this
strat should help you midigate that since T spin meta realies heavly on hold's
and hard drops if they're really good at it.

If done right you should get this result screen.

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