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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Beginners:
Written by slovenhamster

Loki Muspelheim, an exiled member of demon nobility strives for the throne of
the Dark Lord who has wronged him. To succeed the throne and exact his revenge,
he must obtain the hidden treasure on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil,
protected by the goddesses of the seasons and their Chief God Odin.

-=Tips for Beginners=-
There is a Tutorial accessible through the title screen that will explain a
lot of game basics in adequate detail.

In battles, click “Settings” to determine how long battles take. “Click,” the
default setting, waits for you to manually advance every attack, which is great
for seeing if new units are working out and initial immersion but horrible for
getting through the game quickly. Pick whatever pace works for you.

After Chapter 1, you can choose the order in which you attack the other four
nations. I believe the easiest path is Folk > Glads > Thrudheim > Valhalla.

Save at the start of every single turn. You have 99 save files; use them.
Save scumming is a viable option if you suck as badly as I do, since damage
and post-battle loot are somewhat randomized.

Any time you get a new girl (and on the first turn for Fena), click “Call” >
Mingle and/or Train. Nothing happens immediately, they just light up, but
leave them on for a few turns and you’ll get events. Note that Mingle/Train
stats will not increase beyond an event trigger until you have actually
viewed an event, so try to keep up with these. The Call button changes colors
when you have an event available.

You have two “interaction points” per girl per turn. If you select Mingle
or Train alone, that stat will increase by 2. If you select both, each will
increase by 1, and if you select neither then neither will increase (duh).

You have 6 Action Points per turn. AP is only consumed by 1) Hiring new
units; and 2) Triggering actual events via Call (not just turning Mingle/
Train off and on). Make sure you attack as your last act, because attacking
ends the turn.

Only ever summon a creature when it has a purple XD face. This gives +4
to Attack, Defense, and Speed as well as +1 to Morale, and also makes the
initial summon cost (in food or magic) cheaper.
You’ll get a rating based primarily on your conquering speed at the end
of each chapter, with higher ratings (i.e. a lower turn count) yielding
additional resources. You’ll have to choose how to balance finishing
quickly with taking your time to build up.

The “New Dark Army” option available if you start a new game when prompted
after winning (not from the main menu) allows you to keep some special
commander units. Further, if you’re going the Law route, corrupting even
one goddess seems to lock you out of the harem ending. Therefore, the “best”
way to play the game is probably 1) Reign & Pure Love on Normal+; and
then 2) Conquest & Corruption on Hard+.

The Dragonstrike title (given by a Spear medallion in the first slot) is
hilariously overpowered at the start. For 250 resources, you gain +16
Attack and 5 Helmet Split (ignore Defense) with no downsides. For most
early game units, this will more than double their Attack. This falls
off rather quickly, though, as in the mid-game and beyond party synergy
and boosts are more important.

Be careful with medallion titles; some are offered on several different
medallions at wildly varying cost points. Most egregiously, if you want
the Indestructible title, you could spend 12,000 resources on an Apostle
medallion or 750 on an Undead one. Not a hard choice.

Equipment-wise, you can buy as many Tier 1 and Tier 2 items as you want
(in the “Arms” screen) but anything higher requires 10 of the appropriate
Material per item. You get Material from selling Ore, which you mostly
get from using troops with the Bounty Hunter skill to wipe out enemy
squads – it’s important that your treasure team be the one to actually
finish off the enemy team, as you get nothing but XP if they merely
damage them. By default, Ore is auto-sold on pickup for Material and

You can move entire squads at once (to ensure different squads get to
participate in encounter battles) by clicking and dragging the squad
numbers around in the Arrange screen. Similarly, you can heal entire
squads by clicking the squad number in the Plan screen.

WTF is Growth? S-tier growth enables a unit to reach level 150 and take
titles from any medallion on summon. Max level decreases by 10 and
medallion range decreases by 1 per letter grade, so the units with the
strongest base stats have the lowest addon potential.

WTF is Cost? “Cost 2” means “it costs 2 gold to heal 1 HP for this unit
(in the “Plan” screen)”

WTF is Loyalty/Triumph? Loyalty starts at 25, +2 for crushing victories
(enemy squad wipe), +1 for normal wins, and -2 for crushing defeats (your
squad wipe). Firing a unit copies its loyalty stat to Triumph, which will
increase its base stats the next time you hire it. You may want to fire
and re-hire every unit at least once before the end of the game, so keep
that in mind when spending extra medallions for titles. You’ll want to do
it only when you have spare medallions though, as the bonuses aren’t huge.
It’s hard to separate loyalty buffs from leveling stat increases, but I
believe you get +5 Attack and +5 Defense at Loyalty 50 and +10 Attack and
+10 Defense total (so only 5 more of each) at Loyalty 100. The more important
aspect of Loyalty is actually that it reduces your per-battle maintenance
costs, which otherwise quickly spiral out of control. Your commanders don’t
have (visible) Loyalty or Triumph because you can never fire or re-hire them,
but I suspect they still track it internally because their maintenance costs
can be reduced.
WTF is Morale? Morale increases how fast your Force stat fills up in battle.
Force is like mana for Tactical Skills – if you don’t have enough you can’t
use them. Force carries over between fights and caps at 1000 (shown as 9
plus a full bar). I believe each skill uses one full force bar per level –
so “Lvl 3 Vanaheim” costs 300 Force – possibly mitigated by your Morale stat.

WTF is Reign/Conquest? How good or evil of a ruler you are, as determined
by your choices in various cutscenes/events. This, along with the girls’
corruption and affection stats, affects the ending(s) you get. Your current
rating is visible on the “Call” screen.

WTF is the Key of Destiny? After Chapter 1, you’ll start getting these.
They’re used from Arms > Materials to summon units without medallions, but
give you their base (neutral) stats rather than the +4s you’re aiming for.
If you use 10 at once, though, you get access to insanely good units you’d
otherwise never be able to summon on your first playthrough due to
medallion unlock requirements.

How do I build something? Go to the Build screen, then click and drag the
desired building to an appropriate plot (based on Land Type).

Unless you actually lose your last territory (triggering a game over),
nothing can actually die for good, so don’t worry about losing units in
combat aside from party wipes, which cost loyalty.

The default squads 3 and 4 are straight garbage and I cannot recommend
using them – or any part of them – under any circumstances.

Don’t worry too much about the additional maintenance costs from medallion
titles. Maintenance goes up a ton with level anyway, and the extra from
the titles actually decreases over time. I tested a Mountain Man and his
base maintenance increased by 30 from level 1 to level 10, while maintenance
for various titles decreased from 8 > 6, 4 > 3, and 17 > 13. Also, the stat
gains from titles increase with level just as base stats do. As far as I can
tell title stats are NOT affected by triumph.

“Boost Action” is not nearly as good as it sounds. By default, both armies
have 5 rounds in each main battle. “Boost Action 1” would mean you get 6.
However, very few fights actually last that long. It does NOT mean you get
2 turns for every 1 of the enemy’s.

You can have a maximum of 12 non-Commaner units of any given class (Blader,
Guarder, etc). If you hit that cap and want to summon more, you’ll need to
fire someone you’re no longer using.

It’s end. I hope “VenusBlood Frontier International Tips for Beginners”
helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic.
If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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