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Name of the file: Syberia 3 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Back up:
Written by Space

Ok, so some people are already getting game breaking bugs.

Since we don't have manual saving, once the one and only save gets bugged,
that's it, gg. This is Syberia, not Iron Man Dark Souls.

-=Ok so the one and only save is located here=-


* The AppData will be hidden so make sure you enable show hidden folders
in folder options.

* There should be a folder named Options and a file.

* That file is your save, it's overwritten every time the game saves.

* In the top right corner you will see a set of gears when it's saving.

* It will only save after you load to a new area and/or only after you
advance the story in any way

* All you need to do is copy that file somewhere safe when you want to
manually save or do a back up.

* If you ever need to load it again, just delete your current save
(or copy it somewhere safe too) and copy the old save back.
Then just start the game.

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