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Name of the file: Project CARS 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Hunting For Grip" achievement:
You must finish a clean lap on Fuji GP with "Storm" weather conditions
in under 2 minutes. For the "clean" requirement, it is important to
stay on the road and not to ram into anything. Enable all authenticity
options and HUD options, except for braking assistance.

This will make handling a lot easier and display a line on the road
that shows you when to slow down.

Go to Quickplay mode and set the following options:

* Car: "Formula X" from manufacturer SMS.
* Track: Fuji GP
* Weather: Storm
* Opponents: 0

Accept to start the race. In the tuning options, leave everything at
the default values. It will be raining with a lot of water on the road,
making handling a bit trickier. Your main objective is to make it
without driving off the road and without ramming into anything.

If you mess up, you can restart right away. This is not too difficult
since the Formula X is very fast. On the first lap, you will start slow,
but at the end of the lap you can drive through the goal at full speed
to save a few seconds for the second lap.

Recommended Lobby Settings:
Written by Buz Murdock

This guide contains recommended online lobby settings from someone who has
played in too many online races.

-=Lobby Creation Tips=-
Here are some tips for creating a good lobby:

"Wait for race ready input": On
This one is critical. You need to give drivers an opportunity to set their
fuel levels, tire pressures, etc.

"Damage type": ?
If you want to set damage On, consider scheduling a pit stop. This gives a
driver the opportunity to repair his car without the added time penalty
associated with a pit stop. In other words, if everyone has to pit, then the
damage repair penalty is only the time it takes to fix the damage. Personally,
I wouldn't set damage On with a "U" rated lobby.

"Pit stop errors": Off
Never set this one to On. All it does is add random time to a pit stop...
up to 30 seconds. There's enough random bugs in this game without introducing
more random penalties. If you are scheduling pit stops, make sure this is
set to Off to make it fair for everyone.

-=Practice session=-
This is basically a waste of time. It adds an approximate 5 to 8 minute "dead
time" between practice and qualifying where no one can join the lobby. It
makes more sense to schedule a longer qualifying session. Every lap counts
and no "dead time" between sessions.

"Maximum grid size": ?
Keep in mind that by using the maximum of 32, you are not only taxing your
system, you are preventing some tracks from being selected since they don't
have accommodations for 32 garage/grid spots.

"Fill with AI opponents": Off
Why? We can play against bots offline. Only noobs turn this "ON" in an online

"Opponent field type": Same class
Unless you want to do a single-class race. I've seen so many lobbies migrate
to a host that has this set to "Identical". This basically breaks the lobby.

"Force default setups": No
Some people are under the impression that this makes a race "fair". It's
actually just the opposite. Some cars have a fantastic default setup and some
cars have a miserable default setup. So, you're creating an environment that
favors certain cars over others. That's not fair. The only time this makes
sense is if you set a single-class race.

"Track limit penalties / rules and penalties": On
There is no reason to turn this off unless you want to encourage cheating.

"Min competitive license required": ?
Consider setting something besides "U". You'll get better drivers. There will
always be plenty of "U" lobbies out there where beginners can improve their
safety rank, but my experience is that virtually all lobbies are "U" rated.
Ramp it up a bit to encourage drivers to improve their rank.

"Time of day": ?
Personal preference here, but to me it makes sense to have the qualifying and
race take place at the same time of day and with the same conditions. I
personally set 'time progression' to Off so that there is no advantage/
disadvantage depending on when you qualify
(since time of day affects track grip levels).

"Start type": Standing
Rolling starts are bugged, sadly. Especially in the back of the field. I've
seen too many races where half the field are given penalties due to bugged
rolling starts.

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