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Name of the file: Teardown Cheat Codes - Author: DAV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Skip the TuxedoLabs Splash and Seizure Warning:
Written by snoutie

This enables you to skip the TuxedoLabs splash and seizure warning at the beginning
of the game.

-=Remove Splash=-
If you start the game multiple times per minute like I do sometimes, waiting for
the TuxedoLabs splash is annoying.

To get rid of the splash image, you will have to edit a file.
Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Teardown (your Teardown Folder)
And then to data\ui

Find the "splash.lua" file, copy it and paste it as splash_old.lua so that you have
a backup.

Then you will have to edit the file that is called splash.lua with notepad.

Press Ctrl+A and delete everything in this file.

-=Now paste the code below=-

function tick()



And save this file.
Now, you won't have to wait for the splash every time you start the game.

Infinite Money / Tools (Cheat):
Written by ovahlls

Teardown is a fun game - don't get me wrong, but if you're like me, you know
that there are always people just interested in making the most boundary breaking
experience their computer can handle. So here's a guide on purely just that.
How to edit your save files for anyone curious, and what to change to see what
the game has to offer.

-=How to Cheat=-
Modding in Teardown is actually quite easy. Many big games tend to hide their
save files to prevent corruption or tampering but Teardown has your save game
loud and proud out in the open.

It's actually really easy to get to:

C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Teardown is the exact location.

Once you're there, you'll find a very obviously labelled "savegame" file,
there you can edit values of your save to change your game.

For example, editing the cash value will change your money in game.

Do keep in mind though, edit ONLY what's in the quotation marks, as you will
corrupt your game file otherwise, and also, don't edit your save while in game,
it'll probably break the game.

And of course, once you're done editing make sure to click the save icon
before you close notepad.

Secret Tool Crate Guide:
Written by ExertChimera37

For Teardown players, this guide will show you how to find a secret tool crate
under the map in the lobby area. Let’s check it out.

-=The Operation=-
if you destroy a flat car (until you only have the frame) and flip it upside down,
your camera gous under the map, if you are in 1st person. use this to look under
the train tracks by the front gate, and you will see a loot crate, if you use the
jeep in the shed the same way (make sure it gets placed perfectly) but it will let
you go fully under the ground, make sure to save first, for this part is hard.

if you make the landing and are standing on the crate, it has every weapon (plus
a new one) in it, but it claims it is a pipe bomb. you can’t pick it up. this fact
makes me mad.

Hunted Challenge Tips:
Written by explodingmoons

The hunted challenge is hard as balls, luckily for you I have realized a few things
that might help you in your attempts to get gud.

-=Don't get caught in the open=-
This always means instant death, even if you think you can make it, the damage
from the first few shots will slow you down enough that you become easy prey.
Always have cover close by, and don't travel large distances in one swoop unless
the helicopter is far away.

-=Distract the Helicopter with explosions=-
Yes, the Helicopter can get distracted. I recommend the rocket launcher for this,
as it seems to work better than pipe bombs, and normal bombs are hard to place in
a location without accidentally actually making quicker for the Helicopter to
spot you.

-=Learn what the Helicopter can and can't hear=-
The Helicopter can get notice many things if it is close enough (Which it basically
always is, thanks to it always roughly knowing where you are). It can hear gunshots
and explosions, but it can't hear cars starting (although it will still usually
still quickly spot you) and the rest of your tools.

-=Accept that stealth is not possible for >10 seconds=-
The helicopter always knows your rough current location, and will constantly be
flying relatively close to it. You may dream of leading it to one end of the map
and then sneaking away to the other side for a few minutes of relative peace and
chest collection, but it will never work. The most you can do is using short term
distracting using 2., which can let you sneak for about 5-10 seconds before being
spotted again.

-=Prioritize speed over caution=-
When you move quick enough, you can get some distance between you and the

This is not saying that you should just run straight towards your goal, but
don't wait at every single piece of cover and then move to the next. Constant
jumping seems to be a good way to increase your speed, but I'm not sure.

-=The sound cue is more important than the spotlight=-
If you're playing the game muted you are at a strong disadvantage, as the sound
of the Helicopter spotting you actually plays a little bit before the searchlight
moves on to you. generally listen a bit closely, as after a while you might be
able to tell from the loudness of the rotor blades if you can risk running through
an open area or if it's already too late.

-=A note for Frustrum=-
Why Frustrum? Because it's the map I have the most experience with.

Avoid crossing the river, as unless you are very lucky with distracting the
helicopter, its very open and you move slowly though it. Boats are faster but
you still often get mowed down in them.

Take the road instead. If you hug the very side wall the Helicopter (99% of
the time, unless its at a very specific angle at a distance and down, which
it will always leave as it prioritizes being closer to you over actually being
able to hit you), it will not be able to hit you. It might shoot 1-2 rockets
at the roof, but then it will stop and you can run across to the other side
in complete piece. at the other side you will also have a solid 10-15 seconds
of time to grab the chest you need and get yourself into the right position
to escape again before the helicopter comes into shooting distance.

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