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How to Beat the Deadnought:
Here is the guide on how to beat the Deadnought in XenoRaptor game. If
you have any problem, you can leave your comment at the end of this

You should better go for Chemical/radioactive chaingun, as it can pretty
much penetrate/take care of enemies quickly, while also considerably
dealing damage to the dreadnought and keeping your heat at bay. In fact,
it’s also useful to go with something like plasma thrusters so you can
dodge easier. Reinforced hull and sensor would work wonders against it.
Additionally as a second weapon, you can recommend incendiary flak.
As payload, you’d take either radioactive missiles, or radioactive mines.

You can shoot the turrets off it, so target the weapons that are giving
you the most trouble. Another thing that helps a lot is hiding behind
asteroids until it gets close, although its artillery rockets will still
be a problem.

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