XCom 2 : War of The Chosen Cheat Codes

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Name of the file: XCom 2 : War of The Chosen Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

If you have a non-Steam version of XCOM 2, you'll have to right click your primary xcom2.exe, go to the Properties tab, and paste "-allowconsole" into the target field box.

For Steam versions, right click on XCOM 2 in your games library, open the general properties tab, and then paste "-allowconsole" in the set launch options box.

Press the console key ` (above the Enter key) in-game and type “enablecheats” to enable the developer cheats.

Cheat Code Effect

PowerUp - All units made invincible, with unlimited ammo

TakeNoDamage - All units made invincible

LightPlatedArmor # - x number of Spider suit's

MediumPlatedArmor # - x number of Predator armor

HeavyPlatedArmor # - x number of E.X.O. suit's

LightPoweredArmor # - x number of Wraith suit's

MediumPoweredArmor # - x number of Warden armor

HeavyPoweredArmor # - x number of W.A.R. suit's

ReloadUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Auto Loaders

AimUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Scopes

ClipSizeUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Extended Mags

CritUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Laser Sights

FreeKillUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Repeaters

FreeFireUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Hair Triggers

MissDamageUpgrade # - Gives X amount of Stocks

giveresource CorpseAdventTrooper # - Gives x number of corpses

giveresource CorpseAdventMEC # - Gives x number of corpses

giveresource CorpseAdventOfficer # - Gives x number of corpses

giveresource CorpseSectoid # - Gives x number of corpses

giveresource Intel # - Gives x amount of Intel

giveresource EleriumCore # - Gives x number of elerium Cores

AddItem BattleScanner # - x number of BattleScanners

AddItem Mind Shield # - x number of Mind Shields

AddItem HazmatVest # - x number of Hazmat Vests

AddItem Stasis Vest # - x number of Stasis Vests

GiveScientist # - x number of Stasis Vests.

GiveEngineer # - x number of Stasis Vests

MakeSoldierAClass "X" Specialist - Makes named soldier named class

SkipAI - Skips AI turns

ToggleUnlimitedActions - Allows for unlimited actions. (Beware AI can use this too)

ForceCritHits - All hits will be criticals (Beware AI can use this too)

Togglefow - Makes entire map visible(You will still need to "discover" enemies)

ToggleSquadConcealment - Forces squad into concealment(AI will still be alerted)

RestartLevel - Restarts the current mission

HealAllSoldiers - Heals all soldiers while in the Avenger(does not work during mission)

LevelUpBarracks # - Levels up all soldiers in Avenger Barracks by X levels.

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