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Weapons Guide:
One of the very first things you should do (Assuming, of course, you wish
to survive) is to determine what type of weapon you're going to focus in.
This Guide will explain the different types of weapons and their strengths
and weakpoints.

The weapon of guardsmen and bandits alike, this class of weapons will be
the most common weapon in [relatively] safe lands. They're extremely cheap
to buy or craft, and they[With a couple of exceptions] solely deal blunt
damage, which is ideal for keeping a victim alive. However, blunts are also
[usually] crudes weapons; They tend to be heavier then blades of the same
size, and they are most commonly found in bad condition.

The most common bladed weapon class, it is a large, heavy defensive weapon
type that inflicts a mix of blunt and cutting damage. Wary wanders and
guardsmen will tend to use these along with a blunt secondary.

The most deadly of bladed weapons, these are offensive weapons. Their
lightweight nature requires dexterity to use effectively. Good quality
Katanas are hard to find and are extremely costly. However, low-grade
Katanas are reasonably priced and common.

Hackers are axe-like blades, frequently encompassing a Clever-like shape.
They do just as much blunt damage as they do cutting damage, and it's about
a spilt 50/50 chance if the victim dies of bleeding damage or survives.
These are rather uncommon, but they are brutal and useful for fighting,
assuming you don't care about the fate of the victim.

Probably the rarest weapon class, alongside the Heavy Weapons class,
Polearms are spear or glaive-bladed weapons[With the exception of the
staff]. Their long reach means they can go on the offensive against most
swords and blunts, and they handle exceptionally well against all sorts
of animals. Perfect for the average gate guard.

-=Heavy Weapons=-
These hulking piles of metal are extremely unwieldly for most everyone;
The pure weight and size of them means you'll need both strength AND
dexerity to use them. However, a warrior who can wield one of these
monsters is a terrifying foe; Their damage[Some use cut, others blunt,
and even others both equally] is unmatched, and one swing with enough
force can take down a whole group.

Improve Performance:
Do you have a NASA computer but still have Kenshi crashing and instable frames?
Do you have a Coal Powered computer and struggle to run Kenshi? What about a
low framerate? Do you have screen tearing? If you anwsered yes in your mind to
at least one question, follow two easy methods further in this guide to have a
stable Kenshi experience.

You can choose a combination of those methods or only choose one method -
whichever works best for you.

-=Method 1: Display Settings=-
1.Right click on desktop.
2.Select 'Display Settings' if on Windows 10.
Select 'Screen Resolution' if on Windows 7.
3.Select 1066x768 under 'Resolution'.
4.Run Kenshi in windowed without borders at the launch menu.
In this resolution it will run just as in full screen.

Now your computer can display Kenshi with 20% more efficiency!

-=Method 2: Less Foliage and Rocks Mod=-
This mod removes much of the fauna in Kenshi. A lot of people miss the old
Kenshi build where most land was barren. Do you need extra frames or crashing
during gameplay? Want the old Kenshi feel back? Thanks to Ashlander001, this
mod is there waiting for you. The mod solely belongs to Ashalander001,
In my opinion it is one of the most useful mods so I've decided to share.

-=Method 3: No Shadows and V-Sync ON=-
The most common cause of frame problems and crashing in games generally are
the in-game shadows. It is the bane of most computers, no matter the specs.
Simply go to the settings panel in-game and lower the shadows to nil.

Having V-sync on is like telling your computer to run, walk, run, sprint,
repeatedly - it drives the computer insane. Just tell it to do jogging
instead by turning V-sync on.

Early Money Making Method / Hashish Running:
Written by Creekside Wing Wednesdays

-=Hashish Running=-
This is a guide focusing on early money making method - running hashish. I will
provide the steps to the method as well as some tips to make the method more
efficient as you progress.

1.Acquire Hashish
There are multiple methods in game to get hashish but in the early game you might
be limited by resources (squad members, cats, squad skills) so we will focus on
buying hashish from vendors. A traders backpack or two are necessary, always keep
hashish in your backpacks and not your main inventory.
Hashish costs between 100-155 cats each.

Hive Traders (Vain Region) - this is an easy route to follow: starting near the
Hub, go west toward the first Hive Village, then follow through as far as you
want potentially ending north of the "Lost Library" that is to the west of New
Kralia. In each Hive Village, visit the general store (Scales Sign if you hold
ALT) and you will most likely find a very talkative hive salesman. Trading with
him you'll find 1-9 hashish being sold. Hitting up 6 villages in a row yields
around 3-4 stacks (9 each) of hashish and if you hit the villages on the way
back to the Hub you might be more efficient if they restock in time.

Dangers: Vain is filled with Beak Things that constantly attack the villages,
make sure to stay indoors when in the village if you are ill-equiped to fight
beak things. The positive is that you can also make some money by picking up
the animal skins from them and either selling them or keeping them to make
into leather. Gorillos are also around, less frequent though.

Benefits: If you are in the midgame you might want to utilize the resource
plentyful hive traders for fabric, leather, skins, armor plates, as well as
the lanterns to equip your squad.

Swamp Villages (The Swamp Region) - a route of medium difficulty, I haven't
confirmed all the locations listed but the trend holds up. You can hit up the
following: 2 Swamp Villages, Mud Town, Grayflayer Village, Rot, Stone Rat
Village. Each village has a fisherman like trader, usually on the deck of an
unmarked building, he will sell 15+ hashish as well as some fish. You can run a
round the villages and collect a ton of hashish but this method in my opinion
is slightly harder due to different enemies.

Dangers: The swamp is filled with a lot of Swamp Ninjas, Red Sabres and Spiders.
All these enemies are very fast compared to a newer-ish character. Sneaking will be a smart choice and more management will make sure that your character doesn't die.

Benefits: A bigger hashish haul.

2.Running and Selling
Hashish is an illegal good in all major faction cities, anything that belongs
to the Holy Nation or United Cities, etc. That being said those are the best
places to sell. You cannot sell hashish to any vendor, you can only sell to the
Shinobi Thief Trader in the tower located in most cities. Each region has a
different price mark-up for hashish which is available on the wiki. The best
marked up cities at 1200% are Bark, Heft, Heng, Sho-Battai, Stoat (I don't
remember if there is a tower here) and are located in the Great Desert.
This is the most worth while place to sell.

Note: If you are part of the Shinobi Thief Faction you will sell to them at
a discount but the price per unit is still 800+ cats. Depending on the amount
of hashish you have to sell you might have to wait a day or two for the trader
to restock his cats, his usual purse is around 25,000 cats.

This is definitely an easy way to earn money at the beginning and can be
kept going into the mid to late game as well. Hope this helps and hope you
guys enjoy Kenshi as much as I do.

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