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Name of the file: Super Seducer Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Perfect Results for All Chapters (Walkthrough):

Here's how to get the best result (and according achievement) for each chapter.

Picking the following lines will let you get the best outcome for each chapter:

-=Chapter #1: Girl on Street
* "Approach directly in front."
* "I just saw you and wanted to let you know you look very elegant."
* "You do most of the talking."
* "Ask what she does for a living, because she looks artistic."
* "Ask her name, then say it's your name, too." or "Introduce yourself"
* "Sell her on one of your hobbies."
* "Programmer, and be passionate about it." or "Programmer, but switch to talking
about life philosophy."
* "Not too often, but when I like the look of someone and I'm single, why not?"
* "Listen, I have a few minutes, why don't we grab a coffee."

-=Chapter #2: Two Girls in Bar
* Ask them if they are talking about you? If they say no, then ask why not.
or "Ask them to help you choose a present for your friend."
* Thank them for the advice and ask their names. (Only if you asked about the present.)
* Compliment her on choosing tough subjects.
* Do the best friends" test on them." or "Ask which of them is the leader."
* Be playful about how it's a little incongruent.
* Give slightly more attention to the one you like.
* Say that it's sweet and that people with pets are generally more caring.
* Get physical by checking her muscles.
* Do the Strawberry fields" routine."
* Say it's great that she doesn't work and that you are jealous.
* Ask if the girl you like is a good girl.
* Ask if she is going to marry him.
* Ask if he would mind you two talking.
* Find out their plans for later and whether they live together etc.
* Tell the girl that you'd really like to take her out and involve her friend.
or "Suggest hanging out all together and take the number."

-=Chapter #3: Club / Dance Floor
* Non-verbally open by catching her attention.
* Quickly introduce yourself and continue dancing.
* Dance closer to her.
* Suggest you go get a drink. or "Ask if she wants to sit down - because she must
be tired from dancing in heels."
* Tell her you don't like smoking but it's her choice.
* Honest response.
* Say that you get too much attention from girls as it is. Sixpack would just be overkill.
* Connect on it and compliment her.
* Ask the idea behind it.
* Say Yes, you got me, I'm super, ultra gay" as you touch her up."
* Brush her hair back and tell her she has cute little ears.
or "Look at her mouth as she is talking."
* That's nice of you to say.
* Chill things back down and talk about mundane stuff again.
* Suggest that you leave... or "Say you know somewhere..."
or "Suggest going to the afterparty..."

-=Chapter #4: Girl Sitting in Coffee Shop
* Ask if someone is using that chair... or "Ask her opinion of what to get as a present
for your female friend..." or "Tell her you've read that book and that he dies in the end."
* Ask if she minds if you join her for a few minutes?
* Find out about her.
* Find out whether she loves her job or is doing it just for the money.
* Challenge her to explain why this is important. or "Make her feel good about her job."
* Say it must be annoying, and tell her to ask for a bigger printing allowance.
* Get her to elaborate on what the particularily liked.
* Hold Eye contact and wait for her to speak. or "Say you hate awkward silences."
* Compliment her on choosing a tough language to learn.
* Talk about how foreigners perceive English people and ask about how people react to
her as an American.
* Ask what she likes to do in her free time?
* Ask her plans for the coming week?
* Suggest going hiking together sometime and take her number.
* Quite coldly say goodbye and that you'll be in touch.

-=Chapter #5: Friend to Girlfriend
* Tell her you are a little busy this week.
* Say actually it's understandable and you do the same thing sometimes.
* Look at this girl and comment about how sexy she looks.
* You look fine, that's not an issue if you are confident.
* Say that you went on a few dates actually and one girl seems really nice.
* Wait a while before answering.
* Respond Sorry. I was busy. Is everything ok?""
* Bring her some wine.
* Commiserate her on her love life and tell her that it's the right decision
and she will be happier.
* Say that yeah it's quite nice.
* Tickle her.
* Play fight and then kiss.
* Say This is weird." Then kiss again."
* Keep making out with her.
* Yes I have one right here.
* That's strange, I don't know about this, it might ruin our friendship.

-=Chapter #6: First Date Alexa
* Be nice about cats and about her.
* Tell her to be dishonest and see if she agrees to check her.
or "Recommend that she tell the truth."
* Joke: I run an obedience school for small pets. Hamsters and gerbils mostly.""
* It's my calling.
* Nice, it's hard work but can be interesting...
* Ask if she understood it and explain the key events.
or "Playfully tease her for liking that movie."
* I really don't have time for movies...
* Ask her where she lives so that she asks you back.
* Arms crossed indicates that she is not yet open to you.
This is not a good sign.
* Tell a lame joke and see if she laughs.
* Ask if they have a special bond.
* Say that you like kind people, so ask what she has done for others.
* A few (honest) haven't met anyone special yet.
* Say that you want a girl who is honest, trustworthy, kind and intelligent.
* Say okay that's interesting.
* She is feeling attracted to you. This is a good sign.
* Ask what color her eyes are as an excuse to get close.
vI'm having a nice time and I'm really happy we met - lean forward and kiss.

-=Chapter #7: Direct Day Game
* Approach her from the front.
* I just saw you and wanted to tell you that I think you look really nice.
or "I saw you and knew that if I didn't come over and say "hi" I'd be
kicking myself all day."
* Ask what job she is looking for.
* OK, good luck. I know a few restaurant owners in the city, some of them
started as administrators. or "Cool, I hope you get a job somewhere very
nice... so you can give me free food."
* Pick whatever you want here.
* Disagree with her.
* Tell her it's too unhealthy for you. (true)
* I'll get you lessons. or "That's a shame."
* Men are better at everything.
* It's quite warm today, do you do any outdoor activities?
* Suggest a date based on things she likes and take her number.
* Say you'll buzz her phone right then and there so she has your number.
* Ask what her schedule is like during the coming week.
* Say okay see you" and leave without smiling."

-=Chapter #8: Wingman
* Attractive guy
* Set up code words to use while talking to girls.
* Take $100 from him... or "Tell him that if he doesn't go and talk to them..."
* Give him the Are you girls male-bashing?" line." or "Say to use the tried
and tested "Engagement opener"."
* Your friend goes in while you wait a moment.
* One minute.
* Hey mate, so who are these two?
* Give attention to the girl your friend doesn't like.
* It's rare to read books these days, well done.
* Tell a story about a time when he really helped you out and why you are best friends.
* Game her to the same extent as if you really liked her.
* Turn your girl away from her friend by moving around to the outside.
* Find out logistics - If they live together, and if they work the next day.
* Tell the friend (your girl) how good they look together and encourage the connection.
* You suggest going somewhere else, persuade your girl to so that she persuades
her friend.

-=Chapter #9: Office
* Now way, you still play Candy Crush...
* Ask what she did at the weekend.
* Disagree and try to convince her.
* Ask about vacation plans and then whom she goes with. or "Talk about property
prices then if she rents, and who she lives with."
* Have that report on my desk at 9am! (playful)
* Want to go to the Shamrock with me and some people from the office tonight?
* I've been meaning to start Crossfit, but haven't found a good one around.
Where do you do it?
* Talk about what else you both do outside work for fun.
* Arrange to do one of the things she or you do outside work.
* You need to go to speak to Michelle in HR immediately... or "Let's take the
day off tomorrow and drive to Vegas. (Playful)"

-=Chapter #10: First Date Kate
* Bar, 8pm.
* Side by side.
* use it as reason to check her muscles.
* Try to get to the bottom of how it makes her feel.
* Get her talking about the best parts of the trip.
* Persuade her that it's actually quite intelligent.
* Check her pulse.
* Make a joke about how you just need 3-5 minutes. or "Say that must mean she hasn't
been properly satisfied in a long time."
* Kiss one cheek, then the other, then kiss her.
* Let's do this again sometime. or "Can I have a goodnight kiss?"

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