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Name of the file: Surviving Mars Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Starting Checklist (Tips for Beginners):
A guide to help new players manage their mars base at the start of the game.

-=Starting Your Mars Colony=-
* The basics for the beginning "Sols" of your colony should look like this.
* Select your rocket ship payload. I suggest using the recommended payload
or the first couple of playthroughs in order to get used to the game.
* Locate an area on mars that has a high amount of resources.
* Use your starting probes to identify an area with a source of water and
* Prepare a basic power source, the large solar panels are usually really
good for beginning the game with.
* Setup a basic loop with your power cables in order to prevent complete
loss of power to anything connected to your grid.
* Place "Water extractors" over your source of water and connect it to a
water tank.
* Place Universal depots in order to save on storage space early game.
* Using the "resupply" button in the bottom left hand corner, ship in supplies
and building fabs as needed.
* In the research tab in the bottom right, select a research that suits your
colony and the buildings that you have placed.

Sponsor and Commander Perks List:
A list of the sponsor and commander perks for people like me who forgot what
their perk was 5 minutes into the game.

The sponsors and their perks, in the order that they are in the game menu:

-=Internation Mars Mission
Starting Rockets: 5
Difficulty: Very Easy
Funding: $30,000 M
Research per Sol: 300
Rare Metals Price: $25 M
Starting Applicants: 200
Large Rocket Payload - 70,000 kg
Colonists never get earthsick
Food supply from passenger rocket increased (x10)
Rockets synthesize fuel

Starting Rockets: 3
Difficulty: Easy
Funding: $8,000 M
Research per Sol: 300
Rare Metals Price: $25 M
Starting Applicants: 100
Large Rocket Payload - 70,000 kg
Periodic Additional Funding

-=Blue Sun Corporation
Starting Rockets: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Funding: $10,000 M
Research per Sol: 100
Rare Metals Price: $30 M
Starting Applicants: 100
Can buy applicants with funding
Additional rockets significantly cheaper
Probes can discover deep rare metal deposits
Bonus tech: Deep Metal Extraction (extractors can exploit deep metal deposits)

Starting Rockets: 3
Difficulty: Very Easy
Funding: $8,000 M
Research per Sol: 100
Rare Metals Price: $25 M
Starting Applicants: 200
Passenger Rockets carry 10 additional colonists
Applicants are generated twice as fast

Starting Rockets: 3
Difficulty: Normal
Funding: $7,000 M
Research per Sol: 100
Rare Metals Price: $24 M
Starting Applicants: 150
All building costs are reduced by 20%
Bonus Tech: Low-G Engineering (Medium Dome Unlocked)

Starting Rockets: 1
Difficulty: Normal
Funding: $6,000 M
Research per Sol: 400
Rare Metals Price: $22 M
Starting Applicants: 100
5 extra starting technologies
Gain funding every time a tech is researched, double if it is a breakthrough tech

Starting Rockets: 5
Difficulty: Normal
Funding: $6,000 M
Research per Sol: 200
Rare Metals Price: $20 M
Starting Applicants: 75
Drone Hubs start with additional drones
50% cheaper advanced resources

-=Church of the New Ark
Starting Rockets: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Funding: $4,000 M
Research per Sol: 0
Rare Metals Price: $20 M
Starting Applicants: 120
All colonists have religious trait
Birthrate is doubled
Hydroponic Farms performance reduced by 50 (drawback)

Starting Rockets: 2
Difficulty: Hard
Funding: $5,000 M
Research per Sol: 200
Rare Metals Price: $22 M
Starting Applicants: 100
Bonus tech: Fueled Extractors (improve extractor performance by using fuel)
Fueled Extractors upgrade is free
Fuel Refinery Prefab costs 50% less
Rockets have extended travel time (drawback)

-=Paradox Interactive
Starting Rockets: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Funding: $4,000 M
Research per Sol: 100
Rare Metals Price: $24 M
Starting Applicants: 75
Discover more breakthrough anomalies
Researching a breakthrough tech grants applicants
Rockets require more fuel to launch (drawback)

The commander profiles, in order as they appear in the menu:

Drones are gradually optimized to work and construct faster until Sol 100
Bonus tech: Autonomous Hubs (Drone hubs no longer require power or maintenance)

Fuel production increased by 25%
Bonus tech: Arcology (unlocks a residential spire)

-=Hydro Engineer
Start with a water deposit revealed
Domes consume 25% less water
Bonus tech: Water Reclamation (unlocks a spire which reduces water consumption)

Minimum comfort required for birth reduced by 15
Bonus tech: Stem Reconstruction (colonist lifespan increased)

Colonists recover 5 sanity while resting in their homes
Bonus tech: Behavioral Shaping (unlocks a Sanatorium spire which treats colonists' flaws)

All funding gains are increased by 20%
Bonus tech: Martian Patents (repeatable tech that grants funding)

Breakthrough techs are researched 30% faster
Bonus tech: Autonomous Sensors (Sensor towers no longer require power or maintenance)

Service comfort of decorations increased by 10
Bonus tech: Hanging Gards (unlocks a spire which improves residences in the dome)

Start with a rare metal desposit revealed
Extractor production increased by 10%
Bonus tech: Deep Scanning (allows the scanning of sectors for deep deposits)

-=Rocket Scientist
Start with an extra rocket
Bonus tech: Co2 Jet Propulsion (unlocks shuttle hub and long-range transportation)

Tips & Tricks:
-=Decide how you want to play the game!=-
There are two main ways to experience the game. One is to survive and play through the story, taking as much time as you want. The other way is to play score-attack style and trying to get as many points as possible by completing objectives as quickly as possible on as high of a difficulty as possible. Both are perfectly viable ways to play the game, but they require very different strategies. You can build cables and pipes on the same tile!

-=Don’t create large cable and pipe networks!=-
The larger a network becomes, the higher the chance for cable and pipe faults.
Creating a massive single network for everything will cause frequent leaks, costing you resources and keeping drones needlessly busy. Don’t use more cables or pipes than necessary.

-=Make sure to bring a Transport Rover!=-
There are plenty of surface deposits for Iron (and sometimes Polymers) on the map. They are revealed after scanning a sector and can be collected by a Transport Rover. If you use the CREATE TRANSPORTE ROUTE button (or however it is called now), the rover will even automatically go back and forth between the two selected points and gather all surface deposits within range (until there are none left). Given that manpower is in short supply throughout the early game, this is an excellent method to gather iron during the early game.

-=A Science Rover will be quite useful!=-
When scanning sectors you will find plenty of anomalies. Analyzing them will give you extra tech options, free research or other random benefits.
Try to bring at least one science rover along if you can – it will make the early game a lot easier.

-=Build enough depots!=-
Make sure that you have enough depots to store goods, and make sure that they are spread out through your colony to reduce transport distances. If you have multiple drone hubs, you can place a depot in their overlapping range – this will allow your drones to more evenly distribute materials across the colony.

-=Make sure you have enough drones!=-
Once you have your basic infrastructure in place and start to expand your colony, you will need additional drone hubs – and more drones at existing ones.
Some indicators for a lack of drones are: goods piling up, extractors stopping to work because stone isn’t hauled away, rockets taking a long time to load, unload or refuel and maintenance or repairs taking longer than expected.

-=Only build things you actually need!=-
Buildings deteriorate and require maintenance goods, even when they are disabled or not used. So be VERY careful with what you construct during the early days of your colony – an unnecessary battery during the early game might cost you 5+ Polymers by Sol 20. Build in moderation and do not exceed your requirements (too much). Don’t build that Moxxie several Sols before you ferry in first your colonists.

-=Stirling Generators are awesome!=-
If you play as a rich sponsor, consider bringing a few Stirling Generators. They are very costly, but a great long-term investment. While closed, they do NOT deteriorate, which means they have no maintenance cost. If you have an energy shortage, you can temporarily open them if necessary. If you are desperately short of maintenance materials, you can also cycle through them before any generator deteriorates to the point where it actually requires maintenance. Later in the game, you will acquire a technology that unlocks a building that removes maintenance cost from anything within range – with that, you can keep your Stirlings open permanently for a massive permanent energy increase.

-=Scanners stack!=-
Every scanner provides a massive boost to scan speed for nearby sectors, but on
top of that, there are additional stackable effects: Each scanner gives a base
+10% scan speed anywhere on the map and it also increases the ahead-of-time
warning for disasters. If you are playing on maps with high disaster risk,
consider building multiple scanners to get warnings several Sols ahead of time.

-=Build Clinics!=-
A clinic reduces the comfort requirement fo childbirth, which is very important
in the early game since your domes usually won’t be able to provide all services requested by your colonists. They are especially important if you play a sponsor that have a low amount of applicants (e.g. Europe), but even those with lots of colonists would usually prefer to ferry goods instead of people.

-=Specialize your domes!=-
In the early game space within the domes is scarce. Most of the time a dome will only provide enough living space for a farm and one, maybe two production buildings. A good early game layout for Small Domes in my games was: Living Quarters x3, Farm, Clinic, Grocer, Small Park, 1 production building inside + 1 production building/mine outside. If you use a small production building like the Research Lab you can add an extra Grocer and Diner.

-=Make use of the Heavy Workload option!=-
By clicking on the little clock icon next to a shift you can set it has a HEAVY
WORKLOAD shift. Workers on heavy duty will slowly lose health (restored by the
clinic) and sanity (recovered by sleeping), but on the flipside, their productivity will increase significantly. Early on manpower will be your most limiting factor, and this option allows you to get the most out of your workers when you need it the most.

-=Mines can access multiple deposits and deposits can support multiple mines!=-
You can have 2 Rare Material Extractors for a single Rare Deposit, and you can
have 1 Rare Material Extractor that draws from 2 deposits within range.

-=Spread out production shifts on your production buildings=-
Most production buildings require a lot of electricity and/or water.

How to Manage Drones (Easy Way):

Fed up with clicking each drone to reassign it to a new controller?
Be fed up no more!

-=How You Do?=-
This process is not very clearly shown, but it makes the game MUCH more enjoyable, if, like me, you thought that the only way to reassign drones was to select them one at a time and right click it's new controller, so I thought I would share what I discovered so you don't get frustrated with what might appear to be a more tedious system than it really is!

The drone hubs get auto pinned to your hotbar, with a number underneath representing how many drones it controls. With a hub selected, you can click the second button on the hub's info panel to dismantle the drones into drone prefabs, then select a different hub and click create drone from prefab...

-=It's That Simple!=-
The process is near instant, and makes managing your drones SO much easier!
I tend to mass-move a bunch of drones to cover a landing zone whenever I bring new resources to help unload faster, and then rebalance them across the other hubs when done.

A Guide to Your First Domes:
Written by Gundies

How I learned to stop worrying and love the colonists...except for seniors.

-=General Info=-
Open the third shift on the infirmary. It keeps the comfort minimum for children at 55, this helps you have your first martianborn sooner so you can skip the 10 sol delay until your second load of colonists. In general this will increase your colonies birthrate a lot.

Ship rare metal out and import the polymer, machine parts, and electronics that you need until you get factories for them. Even then use the shipments to bolster stockpiles that you're low on. I've found that rushing the machine parts and electronics factories are unwise as they take too much manpower too early. There's only two colonist types you should never ever bring on your rocket. Seniors and idiots. Every other flaw is passable after your first 2-3 loads of colonists. Later on when you run low on actual useful colonists you can start to bring tourists. They seem to turn into regular colonists if the comfort is high enough in the dome they're visiting.

if you can't bring enough of the desired colonist specializations bring security, officers, or unspecialized. Unless it's for the martian university a security or offficer works just as well as an unspecialized colonist. There is no penalty for an offspecialization working in a diner or grocer.
I don't often get access to the medium dome by time I want my third dome so I
don't account for having it. If you have it, great, but it's not worth the
additional time waiting in my opinion.
I don't personally value the extra colonist on a rocket techs very much.
I built this guide using the default maximum load of twelve colonists on a rocket.

-=Dome #1 - The Beginning=-

6 botanists, 6 medics, 9 scientists, 12 geologists, 17 engineers, 10 unspecialized.

3 apartments, 1 farm, 2 diners, 1 grocer, 1 research lab, 1 infirmary, 2 one hex
parks, 1 three hex park, 1 mine, 1 polymer factory.

-=First Set of Colonists:=-
For your first 12 colonists bring 6 botanists, 3 medics, and 3 geologists.
Build your first basic dome beside a source of rare metals.
Build 1 living quarters (apartment if available), preferably 1 farm
(1 hydroponics if it isn't), 1 grocer, 1 infirmary, 1 diner, and a single hex park
for inbetween the small buildings.
Set the farm and clinic to high priority.
Open the third shift in the infirmary.
Set the infirmary and diner to only have 1 colonist per shift.

-=Second Set of Colonists:=-
5 Geologists, 6 engineers, and 1 unspecialized.
Build an apartment if you didn't build one for the first set of colonists.
Switch to a farm asap if you don't already have one.
Build a second hydroponics if you can't yet.
Build your mine and polymer factory while the rocket brings the new colonists.
Set your mine to the first 2 shifts with all 8 slots open and high priority once
the colonists arrive.
The polymer factory only needs 1 shift open for now.

-=Third Set of Colonists:=-
6 Scientists, 4 geologists, and 2 unspecialized.
You need a second apartment, if you had a living quarters consider salvaging it
and replacing it with an apartment.
Build a research station. two shifts open, high priority.
Open the third shift in your mine.
Build a 3 hex park, and a single hex park.

Start building your second basic dome.

-=Fourth Set of Colonists:=-
6 engineers, 6 unspecialized.
Open up the second shift in your polymer factory.
Allow the second work slots in the diner.

Start building your third basic dome.

-=Fifth Set of Colonists:=-
3 scientists, 3 medics, 1 unspecialized, 5 engineers.
Build your third apartment and add a second diner.
Unlock the second work slots in your infirmary.
Open third shift in the research lab and the polymer factory.

-=Dome #1's Future:=-
When you can make the drone assembler add that and bring in 10 more engineers.
1 for the old polymer factory, and 9 for the new assembler.

-=Dome #2 - Home for the Undesirables=-
Colonists: Senior citizens and only senior citizens
Buildings: Apartments or living quarters, eventually an arcology

Permanently deal with the seniors problem:
* Build a basic dome within walking distance to your first and future third dome.
* Build 1 living quarters or apartment for now, you can build more later on as necesary.
* Set this dome's filter to refuse all age groups except seniors, set you first dome and any future domes you build to refuse seniors.
* Only build apartments and maybe an arcology here. Seniors can't work in any buildings and you don't want valuable memebers of society living here to operate them.
* Do not build a universal/food stockpile beside the dome unless they manage to starve to death. I haven't had it happen to me yet.

Seniors are useless and take up housing space.
This dome will actively lower their comfort and morale.
Low comfort makes them Earthsick so they'll leave on the next rocket that lands.
This is a good thing when it's a senior.
Occasionally running out of food encourages them to leave faster.
1 oxygen and 1 water upkeep is a very low price to pay.
Construction costs are also very low.
Even if they hang around and go renegade I've only ever had renegades hit the dome they live in. Again, this doesn't matter since we don't want them around.

-=Dome #3 - Machine Parts & Electronics=-
Colonists: 6 botanists, 3 medics, 12 geologists, 45 engineers, 6 unspecialized.
Buildings: 2 apartments, 1 farm, 1 diner, 1 grocer, 1 infirmary, 1 1 hex parks,
1 mine, 1 machine parts factory.

-=First Set of Colonists:=-
6 Botanists, 3 medics, 3 geologists.
Third dome placement varies a bit. Preferably place it within range of at least 1
new metal/rare metal mine and within walking distance of the old folks home.
Build an apartment, clinic, grocer, diner, single hex park, and a farm.
High priority the farm Open the third shift on the clinic, close the second slot for each shift, and set it to high priority.
Close the second slots in the diner.

-=Second Set of Colonists:=-
9 Geologists, 3 unspecialized
Build a mine, high priority all 3 slots open.

-=Third Set of Colonists:
10 Engineers, 2 Unspecialized.
Build another apartment.
Build a machine parts factory and open two shifts.
Open the second slots in the diner.

Start building a medium dome.

-=Fourth Set of Colonists:=-
11 Engineers, 1 unspecialized.
Build an arcology. If you don't have the tech yet hold off on this set of colonists as you only need 6 of them with the current buildings.
Open the third shift in the machine parts factory.

-=Fifth Set of Colonists:=-
12 Engineers.
Build an electronics factory, keep two shifts open.

-=Sixth Set of Colonists:=-
12 Engineers.
Open the third shift on the electronics factory.

-=Dome #3's Future:=-
Get three more medics into the infirmary.

-=Dome #4 - School=-

Colonists: 6 botanists, 3 medics, and 15 unspecialized.
Buildings: 2 apartments, 1 farm, 1 diner, 1 grocer, 1 infirmary, 1 one hex park.

-=First Set of Colonists:=-
6 Botanists, 3 medics, 3 unspecialized.
Walking distance is nice to other domes, but not necessary as shuttle hubs are
generally available soon after you get this one started.
Build an apartment, clinic, grocer, diner, single hex park, and a farm.
High priority the farm Open the third shift on the clinic, close the second slot for each shift, and set it to high priority.
Build 2 nurseries, 1 playground, and 1 school.

-=Second Set of Colonists:=-
12 Unspecialized.
Build another apartment.
Build your first martian university, open all slots.
Set this dome to desire children and unspecialized colonists. Set it to not want every other specilization except botanists and medics.
Set every other dome to not want children.

Start building another medium dome.

-=Dome #4's Future:=-
Add more of the existing buildings as required. You may require another apartment very soon depending on birthrates.
Eventually you want 3 farms in this dome, 2 isn't quite enough for a medium dome to sustain itself.

-=Dome #5 - Research=-

Colonists: 6 botanists, 3 medics, 21+ scientists, 6 unspecialized.
Buildings: 2 apartments, 1 farm, 1 diner, 1 grocer, 1 research lab, 1 infirmary, 1 one hex park, 1 science institute.

-=First Set of Colonists:=-
6 Botanists, 3 medics, 3 unspecialized.
Build an apartment, grocer, diner, clinic, one hex park, and a high priority farm. Open third clinic shift as per usual.

-=Second Set of Colonists:=-
9 scientists, 3 unspecialized.
Build a research lab and open all 3 shifts.

-=Third Set of Colonists:=-
12 Scientists.
Build an apartment and a science institute.
Set this dome's filter to desire scientists. Consider telling all other domes to make scientists undesirable. This includes Dome #1, in which case you could dismantle the research lab there and rebuild it here.

-=Dome #5's Future:=-
For a spire you want the network node.
Add more of the existing buildings as desired to get more science.

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