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Name of the file: Hunt : Showdown Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Tips & Tricks:
* Generators are used to light up specific areas (not so useful in
daytime but the sound of the generator can be a great distraction).
* Windows and doors can be destroyed using melee attacks. The axes
and sledgehammers you can pick up will destroy doors in one hit,
even barricaded ones.
* Speaking of doors, shooting a door can cause it to swing open.
On top of this, if you sprint at a door with a charged melee, you
will open it much faster and are able to essentially run into a
room without waiting for it to fully open.
* Doors with a plank near them can be barricaded.
* Doors open quieter if you open them whilst crouching.
* Any lanterns on the map that you can turn on and off (not ones
you can pick up) can be shot and will explode, having the same
effect a firebomb does. This works really well with lanterns
that are suspended, as they will fall and damage anyone underneath.
* If you melee an armored zombie in the legs, it will break their
leg armor off, causing them to charge at you much slower.
* Red barrels explode when shot, and yellow barrels burst on fire
when shot.
* Flares can be put out by being melee’d or shot.
* The dogs inside the kennels can be shot and killed, but not melee’d.
* You can climb inside chicken kennels!
* Firebombs will kill crows (Still makes noise but interesting).
* Crouching through any hanging chains or broken glass/cans will
produce little to no noise.
* At a resupply point, nobody can take ammo from a box that has
already been opened.
* You can catch a downed player on fire to prevent them from
being revived.
* There is a small amount of bullet penetration in the game, meaning
you can shoot enemies through wood and sheet metal.
* When hives are killed their locusts will die as well.
* You can use first aid kits to heal your partner.
* Text chat can be seen by enemy players if they are close, similar
to how you can hear players using voice chat if you are a short
distance from them.

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