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Steam Achievements

American Psycho Drake's Mission as Expert completed.
Aquaman Teach's Mission as Beginner completed.
Black Ice Livsey's Mission as Beginner completed.
Casual Driver 10 Schedules as Beginner completed.
Ding Dong Used the door bell 100 times.
Don't Drink and Drive Steel's Mission as Expert completed.
Employee of the Month 50 routes driven between TimesSq - MainSt - Depot.
Fits like a Glove 10 Schedules as Expert completed.
From Dusk 'til Dawn Complete a Schedule from Dusk until Dawn.
From Sunrise to Sunset Complete a Schedule from Sunrise until Sunset.
Grand Theft Subway Johnsen's Mission as Expert completed.
Here they are TML Room in Depot visited.
High Five! 10 Schedules with change of shift completed.
Hold my beer... Steel's Mission as Beginner completed.
I don't need that Schedule without Conductor-AI completed.
I like snow 10 rides completed with Snowfall.
I want to play a game Drake's Mission as Beginner completed.
Into the Light Silver's Mission as Expert completed.
McGyver Jones' Mission as Expert completed.
My Relieve! Schedule with change of shift completed.
No Big Deal One Schedule on Aggro-Mode completed without reaching Red.
Out of the Dark Silver's Mission as Beginner completed.
Part of the Inventory 100 routes driven between TimesSq - MainSt - Depot.
Pump it up! Teach's Mission as Expert completed.
Ready for Retirement 200 routes driven between TimesSq - MainSt - Depot.
Resistence is futile Schedule with Conductor-AI completed.
Rush Hour! Driving Express.
Silent Hill Pommeroy's Mission as Expert completed.
So, this is NYC 1 route driven between TimesSq - MainSt - Depot.
So, you're the Newbie Schedule as Beginner completed.
Subway 101 Tutorial completed.
Tennis Elbow 100 routes driven without fixed Deadman Switch.
That Emmerich Flick Livsey's Mission as Expert completed.
There is no Door Bell 100 Stations without Conductor-AI and no use of Door Bell.
Theres something in the Fog Pommeroy's Mission as Beginner completed.
This ain't Pelham Johnsen's Mission as Beginner completed.
Tic Tac Jones' Mission as Beginner completed.
WAAAGH! Schedule with Aggro completed.
We got a Rookie Schedule as Expert completed.
What 'bout some sun? 10 rides completed with Rainfall.

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