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Name of the file: Hotline Miami 2 : Wrong Number Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Easy "THE BAR OF BROKEN HEROES" achievement or trophy:
Play Act 4 Scene 13, "Subway" and do not skip the introduction. Interact
with the phone found on the small table next to the door you appeared
from when the scene begins. You will have a message from someone that
asks to meet you at a bar. Complete the level and a bonus scene will begin.
Talk to Biker, the man at the bar.

Easy "FOLLOW THE SCRIPT" achievement or trophy:
During the introductory mission Pilot Act "Midnight Animal", do exactly
what director says. You will earn "FOLLOW THE SCRIPT" at the end.

Easy "NUCLEAR WASTE" achievement or trophy:
During Act 1 Scene 2 "Homicide", shoot five boxes with nuclear waste.

Easy "STARE INTO THE ABYSS" achievement or trophy:
Play Act 4 Scene 15, "Withdrawal" and complete the third floor without
dying. Return to your car, and a short cinematic will play. In the
following scene, you will be seated at a desk with a floppy disk. Interact
with the disk to pick it up and complete the scene. During the next scene,
you will be standing in front of a table of evidence. Take the floppy disk
from the table.

Easy "ASSASSIN'S CRED" achievement or trophy:
Complete the floor with the silencer you begin with. If you miss a shot,
restart the level because you will not have enough bullets. Make sure to
use the lock-on function to make this easier.

Easy "DON'T LET ANGER GET THE BEST OF YOU" achievement or trophy:
While playing as the Writer, do not finish a downed enemy. Note: You will
also have to unlock the Bonus Chapter of the Writer, named "The Abyss" by
earning "STARE INTO THE ABYSS". The level is difficult and features a lot
of thugs with guns and rifles. You must punch people and hide until you
have a bat or pipe.

General Tips:
* There are a lot more enemies with guns in the sequel, so be sure to pick
up guns along the way for some ranged fights.
* Constantly lure out enemies to get easy kills. This is especially useful
for enemies with guns - if they don't see you, they can't shoot you.
* Use the zoom out function often. Levels are a lot larger in Hotline Miami
2, and you don't want to get shot by an enemy in the corner just because
you didn't zoom out.
* Be careful around the bigger enemies. They often take more shots/hits to
kill, and can be especially dangerous when joined by other foes.
* Use ammo sparingly. Not every enemy drops the gun you want, so don't go
wasting bullets.
* You can use the gun as a distraction. Just fire off a few shots to draw
the enemy towards you, and then switch to a melee weapon for a quick
kill around the corner.
* Take your time and be patient. Unless you're a super impressive
speedrunner, the slow and methodical approach works best in most levels.

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